About SESA and contact information

Welcome to Special Education Service Agency (SESA)

We provide assistance to Alaskan School Districts and early intervention programs serving students with low incidence disabilities. SESA is publicly funded by the State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development as well as by various federal and state grants, including the Mental Health Trust Authority.

Special Education Service Agency Board of Directors

Governor's Council for Disabilities and Special Education

Jeanne Gerhardt-Cyrus (Treasurer)
Kiana, AK

Anthony Cravalho
Kotzebue, AK

Taylor Gregg
Ketchikan, AK

Terese Kashi (Vice President)
Soldotna, AK

Patrick Reinhart (Ex Officio)
Anchorage, AK

Sean O’Brien
Juneau, AK

Alaska CASE

Laraine Adams (Secretary)
Mountain Village, AK

Alaska Association of School Administrators

Jack Walsh (President)
Craig, AK

Alaska Department of Education Designee

Donald Enoch
Juneau, AK

NEA Alaska

Dan Kaasa
Soldotna, AK

SESA Online Board Policy

SESA Board Meeting Minutes

Anchorage Location

3501 Denali St., Suite 101, Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 907-334-1300
Toll Free: 877-890-9269
Fax: 907-562-0545
TTY: 907-563-8284

Administrative Team

Patrick Pillai, Executive Director
ppillai@sesa.org 907-334-1305

Emily Berliner, Executive Assistant
eberliner@sesa.org 907-334-1345

Educational Specialists

Rebecca Parenteau, Education Specialist – Autism Resource Specialist
rparenteau@sesa.org 907-334-1312

Michelle Carroll, Education Specialist – Dual Sensory Impairment/Hearing Impairment
mcarroll@sesa.org 907-334-1328

Brenda Jager, Education Specialist – Multiple Disabilities
bjager@sesa.org 907-334-1325

Andrea Story, Education Specialist – Vision Impairment
alstory@sesa.org 907-334-1339

Mary Aery, GAINS Consultant
maery@sesa.org 907-334-1337

Jennifer Schroeder, Education Specialist – Multiple Disabilities
jschroeder@sesa.org 907-334-1336

Tara Maltby, Education Specialist - Alaska Autism Resource Center
tmaltby@sesa.org 907-334-1313

Vivianne Huber, Education Specialist - Autism Specialist
vhuber@sesa.org 907-334-1317

Olivia Yancey, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist
oyancey@sesa.org 907-334-1332

Lyon Johnson, Education Specialist – Emotional Disabilities
ljohnson@sesa.org 907-334-1329

Belinda LaFleur, Education Specialist – Emotional Disabilities
blafleur@sesa.org 907-334-1338

Meriah Cory, Education Specialist – Multiple Disabilities
mcory@sesa.org 907-334-1318

Support Staff

Kathy Dersham, Program Assistant
kdersham@sesa.org 907-334-1307

Phylicia Christian, Program Assistant
pchristian@sesa.org 907-334-1341

Christine Collier, Program Assistant/Travel Coordinator
ccollier@sesa.org 907-334-1342

Terra Swartzbacker, Program Assistant
tswartzbacker@sesa.org 907-334-1340

Anne Freitag, Librarian Specialist
afreitag@sesa.org 907-334-1301

Yuya Hisada, Educational Technologist
yhisada@sesa.org 907-334-1344