SESA autism Services are provided at no charge to eligible students with an educational eligibility in autism attending either Alaska public schools or Alaska homeschool programs. Eligible students are referred by the school’s Special Education Director for SESA’s review. Consultation services are then provided based on the student’s need. Specialists provide training, recommendations on curriculum, and guidance on use of evidence-based practices to school staff.



Who receives SESA Autism services?

SESA Autism Specialists provide free consultative services to Alaskan public schools and Alaskan home schools serving students with an autism diagnosis or educational eligibility.

Who are the SESA Autism Specialists?

We are educational specialists, we provide resources but we do not diagnose or evaluate.

How do I get services from SESA’s Autism team?

SESA Autism services are provided on a referral basis and a referral can be submitted online by the special education director.

Do SESA Autism specialists work with parents?

AI also works with parents to provide specific evidence based strategies to carry over progress from school to home.

What services do SESA Autism specialists provide?

Services include student observation, staff training, and educational recommendations. Level and frequency of service is determined by the site need and can include distance delivery for follow up and on-site visits.