Emotional Regulation Curriculum

Learning to BREATHE is a mindfulness-based curriculum for adolescents created for a classroom or group setting. The curriculum is intended to strengthen emotion regulation and attention, expand adolescents’ repertoire of stress management skills and help them integrate mindfulness into daily life. Each lesson includes age-appropriate discussion, activities and opportunities to practice mindfulness skills in a group setting.
Every Kids Yoga is a scientific researched curriculum for special needs classrooms that addresses self-regulation, attention, speech and language, sensory regulation and promotes feelings of well being. "Relaxed breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, so when children are breathing slowly and calmly, it is impossible for them to be in a state of “fight or flight.” The term “relaxed breathing” is preferable to “deep breathing,” as the latter indicates strong inhalations, which can activate the sympathetic nervous system."
Grand Ideas from Within, a Best Practice/Model Classroom Program. Program includes strong mental health component, including substance abuse, delivered through mindfulness and guided imagery pre-recorded exercises. Those that would benefit are alcohol & substance abuse treatment groups or individuals, prisons & juvenile.
Inner Kids is a scientific researched based curriculum that focuses of meta cognition strategies with activities which concentrate on awareness or thought and sensory awareness, and emotions.
Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) is an Online (web-based courses, streaming video, webinars, podcasts, etc) resource for teachers to improve the lives of teens, parents, and professionals through cultivate skills of awareness, compassion, and caring for themselves, others, and the natural world.
Brain Wise is a scientifically researched based curriculum that promotes awareness of how the brain uses thinking skills to process problems and replace impulsive reactions gives children and teens a greater understanding of why the way one thinks is importan.
The Resilient Kids Organization aims to build social and emotional skills in children through the development of lifelong skills, students build their toolbox of strategies to manage not only social and emotional challenges, but academic as well.
Tai Chi for Kids is a easy to learn program that helps students learn a strategy to refocus, let go of hyperactivity, feel grounded and connected, learn tools to fall asleep better at night, resolve conflicts, and reduce stress.
The Mind Edge is a scientifically researched based curriculum that teaches grades 9-12 students the science of how the brain works. "They gain simple and accessible tools to reduce stress; support emotional regulation and resilience; improve focus and concentration; respond thoughtfully, rather than react; make suitable choices, which do no harm to self or others;
Wellness Works in Schools is for children and adolescents with academic and behavioral issues that helps them learn and incorporate skills," (focused awareness, attention, and concentration) and approaches for self-regulation (healthy breathing, mindful movement, and relaxation) to address important issues like stress, emotional balance, behavior, trauma, and learning readiness.
Center for Nonviolent Communication
Explore the use of NVC in the classroom, with curriculum and children's books.
The National Center for Self Esteem
Curriculum, books, free printables and instruction in creating a classroom that promotes individual and collective self esteem.

Psychology Tools
Deep Relaxation Training