American Sign Language/English

1. ASL Apps

Storybook Apps:

Through Gallaudet University Science of Learning Center: Visual Language Visual Learning ( there are several original stories that are featured in American Sign Language and English.

The Baobab
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Blue Lobster
The Solar System
The Little Airplane That Could

iTV - Signed Stories has several bundles of apps that you can purchase for books featured in both American Sign Language and English.

American Sign Language - Fingerspelling

To practice identifying hand shapes with alphabet the following apps are available:

Sign ABCs
ASL Coach
ASL Search

American Sign Language - Vocabulary

For specific categories in vocabulary here are some apps available:

ASL Emergency Signs
ASL Dictionary
Marlee Signs
ASL Dictionary from NTID

American Sign Language - News


2. ASL Classes

American Sign Language University -

3. ASL Dictionaries

ASLPro Dicionary
This dictionary is good because it offers specific uses for each word in ASL. For example, for the word “know” it gives the note “Often times the sign for "KNOW" is done on the cheek. This is not "lazy" (as some people report) this is simply efficient signing--best suited to a casual environment. “. On the negative side, there are no videos for each picture, but a series of still photos.

Michigan State University’s American Sign Language Browser:
Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary (Specific Signs for Math Related Vocabulary)

4. Interpreter Information

a. Training/Professional Development
According to the "Alaska Special Education Handbook January 2017" there are specific requirements for an interpreter of the deaf within the school. These requirements can be found on page 128 on the following handbook: [Select "Guidance for Sped Personnel (Handbook)"]

Information on working toward certification under the national Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf can be found on the following website. Assistance on registering, training, and taking the Education Interpreters Performance Assessment (EIPA) for certification is provided on this website as well.

General Information: Professional development for Alaska School District staff is offered by SESA for sign language aides and teachers of students who are deaf throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Please contact SESA for more information.

5. Self-Advocacy

6. SESA DHOH Library Resources

Please contact Anne K. Freitag, MLIS, our SESA librarian, for more information on materials available for check-out: