Remote Teaching Supports

Creating Activity Packs

We will review what is important to put into a "recipe" for parents to work on school activities at home. We look at how to make them easy to read, easy to carry out and fun for not only the student but the family to engage in. After we look at the components of what goes into each lesson, we will look at a variety of sample lessons.

Distance Delivery Part 1

During this webinar, we will look at some of the unique challenges of moving the classroom to online learning in the students' homes. After looking at the special needs and differences between school in a classroom and school at home, we will talk about how to set up a successful lesson for students with more significant impairments. We will discuss how to use visual supports, how to involve the family in the lesson and how to create a lesson that can be used multiple times for multiple learning targets. Example lessons will be demonstrated.

Distance Delivery Part 2

This webinar focuses on students with significant impairments who are at the cause/effect stage of learning. We will talk about how to set up a "mock switch" set of activities that allow the student to practice their skills and engage with not only the teacher but also with their family. After reviewing how to use different activities on a laptop computer, we will learn how to use the iPad for distance learning. The last 20 minutes of this webinar circles back to what was discussed in the Part 1, and several academic activities for learners with significant needs will be discussed and modeled.

Distance Delivery Part 3-1

More work with students who are working on academics, often with visual supports, and strategies to keep them engaged

Distance Delivery Part 3-2

How to incorporate different social skills and life skills into distance learning. This might be teaching a lesson using videos or creating a cooking project that works well with "substitutions". Ideally these activities are done via a small group for peer interaction, as well

Distance Delivery Part 3-3

Playing a board game on Zoom. We look at how to use powerpoint to create interactive games such as Sequence and Sorry, as well as how to adapt fun vocabulary games like Headbandz and Pictionary for the virtual classroom