Transfer Form

Do you have some materials in your name that are now in use by another teacher? Please complete this form so that the SESA Librarian can transfer them to the other person’s account. Or, if you prefer, you may print out and complete the PDF version of the transfer form.

You will need to know the circulation number and the title for each of the items you have signed out. The circulation number is at the bottom of the library label on the item. It’s the number circled in red.

Please note: This information will not be sent securely, and the form may not work if you use email though a web browser.

Spine label on book, circulation number circled.

Name of the person who currently has these materials signed out:
Current borrower’s school:

Current borrower’s city:

Name of the person who will be taking these items:
New borrower’s school:

New borrower’s city:

1. Circulation Number:
Enter the number that is at the bottom of the library label (see picture).

2. Circulation Number:

3. Circulation Number:

4. Circulation Number:

5. Circulation Number:

6. Circulation Number:

7. Circulation Number:

8. Circulation Number:

9. Circulation Number:
Title :

10. Circulation Number:

When you click “Submit”, a new message will open in your email program.
I will email you when I get your materials transferred and renewed. Thank you!