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Book cover. 649.122 Cryer

Active learning for infants Debby Cryer, Thelma Harms, Beth Bourland. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1987. Description: Provides a winning combination of information and activities that help children develop their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy environment. Incorporate "active" learning into the curriculum with ease using the complete planning guide with a clean format describing activities and appropriate materials, and a resource and skills checklist. Plus icons identifying developmental stages and suggestions for language development and interaction help teachers direct student progress. Use the series to update programs, train new staff, or develop teaching units.

Book cover. 649.122 Cryer

Active learning for twos Debby Cryer, Thelma Harms, Beth Bourland. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1988. Description: ...has over 400 activities for Twos, 24 months through 36 months old. The activities are easy to read and do with one child or a small group; "Twos Can" checklists help caregivers choose the right activities for each child. Ideas on setting up environments for Twos and an easy system for writing plans help caregivers set the stage for a good activity program.

Book cover. 372.1393 Denno

Addressing challenging behaviors in early childhood settings : a teacher's guide Dawn M. Denno, Victoria Carr and Susan Hart Bell. Paul H. Brookes Pub., 2010. Description: To prevent and resolve common behavior problems in young children, early childhood teachers need a full understanding of what's behind the behaviors and strategies that really work. This complete professional development package gives pre- and in-service educators the practical help they've been waiting for. Taking a "big picture" approach to this critical topic, this book-and-CD set illuminates the diverse influences on challenging behavior--including temperament, preferences, home life, and peer relationships--and arms teachers with the tools they need to create powerful solutions.

Book cover. 370.117 DermanSp

Anti-bias education for young children and ourselves Louise Derman-Sparks & Julie Olsen Edwards. National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2010. Description: Provides practical guidance to confront and eliminate barriers of prejudice, misinformation and bias about specific aspects of personal and social identity thus helping staff and children respect each other, themselves and all people.

Book cover. 796.0196 Backya

Backyards and butterflies : ways to include children with disabilities in outdoor activities Doreen Greenstein ... [et al.].New York State Rural Health & Safety Council, c1993. Description: Dozens of imaginative ideas for making outdoor activities accessible to children with physical disabilities.

Book cover. 649.122 Munger

Beyond peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake : activities for baby's twenty-four months Evelyn Moats Munger and Susan Jane Bowdon. 3rd ed. New Win Publishing, Inc., c1993. Description: ...goes up to 24 months of age, offers the new parents the opportunity to take on an active role in their child's development. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to share in their baby's growth during these early months in ways that are exciting and stimulating for them and the infant.

Book cover. 372.21 Copple

Basics of developmentally appropriate practice : an introduction for teachers of children 3 to 6 Carol Copple and Sue Bredekamp. National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2006. Description: "... outlines how to apply the core ideas of developmentally appropriate practice, or DAP for short, in kindergarten. This book discusses: the core components of DAP ; why play is an essential vehicle for learning during the kindergarten year ; the five key aspects of effective teaching that enact DAP principles ; the most frequently asked questions about developmentally appropriate practice in kindergarten ; an overview of learning and development for 5- and 6-year-olds."

DVD cover.AI Reserve AV 428.1 Beesm Volumes 1-7

Bee smart baby vocabulary builder [videorecording (DVD)] / produced by Baby BumbleBee in conjunction with CVP Communications. Educational Products for Infancy, c2002. Description: A series designed especially for infants and employing many proven techniques for successful learning. Each video introduces approximately 23 words with video clips and narration. For ages birth to 36 months.

DVD cover.AI Reserve AV 372.6 Action Volumes 1-2

Bee smart baby Action words. [videorecording (DVD)] / produced by Baby BumbleBee. Baby Bumblebee : Educational Products for Infancy, [2003] Description: Designed especially for infants and toddlers to help stimulate language devlopment employing many proven techniques for successful learning. Introduces 20 new verbs in each video. For ages 4 to 36 months.

DVD cover. AV 362.712 Buildi

Building bridges between families & teachers [videorecording (DVD)]. Harvest Resources, c2003. Description: Discusses creating partnerships with families of the child care center's children by making classrooms inviting for families and offering ways to connect beyond the usual meetings.

Book cover. 372.5 Chaluf

Building structures with young children : [kit (DVD)] Ingrid Chalufour and Karen Worth. Redleaf Press, c2003 Description: This video guides children's explorations to help deepen their understanding of the physical science present in buiding block structures. It is a visual training companion to both the curriculum and the trainer's guide. This full color video contains real life vignettes of the complete curriculum in action in the classroom and is perfect for staff training and development. The trainers guide and activities books were published in 2004, by the Education Development Center, Inc.

Book cover. 305.231 Allen

By the ages : behavior & development of children pre-birth through eight K. Eileen Allen, Lynn R. Marotz. Delmar Thomson Learning, c2000. Contents: Preface -- Introduction -- Acknowledgments -- About the authors -- 1. Principal concepts in child development -- 2. Growth and development -- 3. Prenatal development -- 4. The infant -- 5. The toddler -- 6. The preschooler -- 7. The primary school child -- 8. When to seek help -- 9. Where to seek help -- Appendix 1. Summary of reflexes -- Appendix 2. Developmental checklists -- Appendix 3. Child health history -- 4. Assessment instruments -- 5. Annotated bibliography and references -- Index.

Book cover. 372.16 Greenm

Caring spaces, learning places : children's environments that work Jim Greenman. Exchange Press, c2005 Contents: Foreword / by Lella Gandini -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Part 1. 1. Why do I feel this way? -- 2. The lives of children -- 3. Programs for children (and families) -- 4. Some characteristics of space -- 5. Dimensions of children's setting. Part 2. 6. Infants and toddlers in groups -- 7. The building and site -- 8. Interiors: walls, windows, doors and lighting -- 9. Caring -- 10. Storage and display -- 11. Room arrangement -- 12. Indoor learning environments -- 13. Outdoor learning environments -- 14. Making places/changing spaces -- References -- Resources

Book cover. 372.21 Children

Children of 2020 : creating a better tomorrow Valora Washington and JD Andrews, editors. Council for Professional Recognition : National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2010. Description: ... explores the potential and opportunities over the next ten years and invites readers to advance the early care and education field through “smart improvisation.” National leaders present up-to-date analyses of progress and challenges in 22 topic areas.

Book cover. 401.93 Devine

Communication activities for infants and toddlers : birth to 12 months Monica Devine ; photographs by Monica Devine ; illustrations drawn under contract by Corwyn Zimbleman. Communication activities for infants and toddlers : 12 to 24 months Monica Devine ; photographs by Monica Devine ; illustrations drawn under contract by Corwyn Zimbleman. Communication activities for infants and toddlers : 24 to 36 months Monica Devine ; photographs by Monica Devine ; illustrations drawn under contract by Corwyn Zimbleman. Communication Skill Builders, c1990. Description: "...focus on helping parents to provide a warm, interactive, stimulating environment for their children...appropriate for normally developing children as well as children with developmental delays. ... provides a list of speech-language and motor skills that infants and young children learn during the designated one-year period. ... describes numerous simple enrichment activities parents can do as they care for their children, without having to set aside additional time..."

Book cover. height= 372.21 Dodge

The creative curriculum for preschool Diane Trister Dodge, Laura J. Colker, Cate Heroman. 4th ed. Teaching Strategies, c2002. Contents: How children develop and learn -- The learning environment -- What children learn -- The teacher's role -- The family's role -- Blocks --- Dramatic play -- Toys and games -- Art -- Library -- Discovery -- Sand and water -- Music and movement -- Cooking -- computers -- Outdoors -- Appendix.

DVD cover. AV 372.21 Creati

The creative curriculum for preschool in action [videorecording (DVD)] content advisors Diane Trister Dodge, Toni Bickart, and Cate Heroman ; written and directed by Judy Jablon and Charlotte Stetson ; produced by Shaun Johnsen. Teaching Strategies, Inc., 2007. Description: This new DVD provides an in-depth examination of The Creative Curriculumª for Preschool and shows how teachers use The Creative Curriculum to guide their thinking and decision making about teaching and learning. After a brief introduction from Diane Trister Dodge, eight 10- to 20-minute segments delve into the learning environment, a day in the life of The Creative Curriculum preschool classroom, intentional teaching in prekindergarten, planning for literacy, planning for mathematics, integrating learning through studies, using The Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum for Ages 3-5 to observe and assess children's learning, and building partnerships with families. Filmed in a variety of Head Start and child care settings, each segment is ideal for use at parent workshops and for ongoing teacher study groups.---Teaching Strategies Website.

Book cover. 790.196 Morris

Creative play activities for children with disabilities : a resource book for teachers and parents / Lisa Rappaport Morris, Linda Schulz. 2nd ed. Human Kinetics Books, c1989. Description: " ... you will discover 250 games and activities designed to help infants to 8-year-olds with all types of disabilities grow through play. Many activities describe special adaptations for children with physical, visual, or hearing impairments. Developed in conjunction with the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation, these creative play activities will help confidence and self-esteem blossom as young children meet success in activities that are fun. ... the only book to address both the concerns of parents guiding their children's activities at home and issues faced by educators in program settings. Each chapter focuses on a particular ""world,"" or activity theme. Themes include exploring the world of the senses; active games with rolling, crawling, walking, and more; building and creating; imaginative outdoor fun and water play; music play; and group games and activities. Each activity lists detailed directions, needed equipment, the activity's benefits, and, where possible, adaptations for different disabilities."

Book cover. 372.21 Critic

Critical issues in early childhood professional development edited by Martha Zaslow and Ivelisse Martinez-Beck. Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., c2006. "Effective teaching leads to positive student outcomes, and professional development for early childhood teachers is key to improving both. But what exactly is meant by "professional development"? What effect does it have on school readiness? Which models and approaches really work? This is the book the early childhood field needs to take the crucial first steps toward definitive answers. A timely volume on a high-priority topic in early education, this resource provides the solid foundation of knowledge the field needs to focus future research studies and make informed decisions about teacher preparation."--ERIC

book cover 372.21 Curios

Curiosity corner : a comprehensive preschool program : a student-achievement solution for preschool : program overview with sample lessons and scope and sequence [produced by: director, Nancy A. Madden ... [et al.] ] Success for All Foundation, c2008 Contents: Introduction to curiosity corner -- Program components -- Theme schedule -- Program goals and objectives -- Promoting language & literacy -- Cooperative learning -- Sample lesson -- Assessments -- Training & support -- Scope and sequence -- Language focus -- Correlation to National Reading Panel, National Research Council, and Head Start Child Outcomes Framework.

Book cover. 612.8 Spreng

The developing brain : birth to age eight Marilee Sprenger. Corwin Press, c2008. Description: Synthesizing information from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and child development, The Developing Brain offers brain-compatible teaching practices that are linked to NAEYC principles for working with young children. Best-selling author Marilee Sprenger covers the basic structure, vocabulary, and current research on the brain from an early childhood educator's point of view and provides an abundance of illustrations and descriptions. --from publisher description.

DVD cover. AV 372.21 Develo

Developmentally appropriate practice [videorecording (DVD)] produced by RISE Learning Solutions in collaboration with NAEYC. Distributed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2006. Description: The basic concepts of developmentally appropriate practice are not difficult or arcane, but they can be understood wrongly or incompletely--often are! This video introduces the foundational ideas of the early childhood field, and articulates and illustrates the core concepts in simple, memorable ways, including classroom examples and other techniques. The video is versatile enough to be shown as part of any beginner-level discussion of DAP.

Book cover. 371.9 Burks

Diagnosis and remediation of learning and behavior problems in children using the Burks' behavior rating scales : a handbook Harold F. Burks. Western Psychological Services, c1985. Description: A guide for clinicians using the Burks Behavior Rate Scales (BBRS), for clarifying the understanding of symptoms, for investigating possible causal factors, and to created innovative intervention techniques best suited to help children learn accepted behavior patterns.

Book cover. 362.712 Gonzal

Diversity in early care and education : honoring differences / Janet Gonzalez-Mena. 5th ed. McGraw-Hill, c2008. Description: ... explores the rich diversity encountered in programs and environments for children ages birth to 8, including those serving children with special needs. The emphasis is on the practical and immediate concerns of the early childhood professional and family service worker, though all information has strong theoretical support.

Book cover. 372.21 Rush

The early childhood coaching handbook / Dathan D. Rush and M'Lisa L. Shelden. Paul H. Brookes, c2011. Description: "Evidence based and highly effective, coaching helps early childhood practitioners support other professionals and families as they enchance existing knowledge, develop new skills, and promote healthy development of young children. This hands-on guide shows professionals how to conduct skillful coaching in any setting--home, school, or community."--Back cover.

Book cover. 372.21 Isbell

Early learning environments that work / Rebecca Isbell and Betty Exelby ; [illustrations, Garry Exelby ; photographs, Mike Talley, Susan Lachmann, and Su Lorencen]. Gryphon House, c2001. Contents: ch. 1. The power of the environment and its impact on children -- ch. 2. Contemporary childcare spaces -- ch. 3. The teacher's new role : designer -- ch. 4. Principles of meaningful environments -- ch. 5. Aspects of quality environments for children -- ch. 6. Assessing what you have -- ch. 7. Making a plan that works for you -- ch. 8. The designer's toolbox -- ch. 9. Enriching the environment -- ch. 10. Extending your understanding.

Book cover. 371.9123 Early

Early listening at home : curriculum for infants and toddlers with hearing loss / Jennifer Manley, Judith Odendahl and Megan Samson. Central Institute for the Deaf, c2019. 1 manual ; 1 color pad of brochures "Sweet Success!" ; 1 b&w pad of assessment forms ; 1 key ring set of color laminated cards Description: Early Listening at Home (ELH) is a curriculum for early intervention (EI) providers working with parents of children from birth to age 3 who are deaf and hard of hearing and beginning to learn listening and spoken language. The ELH: outlines skills and strategies to support parents and caregivers, including techniques for effective coaching, planning and reflecting provides 47 one-page activities for families to practice early listening skills (Detection, Identification and Comprehension) includes a simple form to track and follow up on progress suggests conversations about each skill you can tailor to each individual family offers practical, shareable resources in English and Spanish (ex: The Ear, Familiar Sounds Audiogram, Six Ling Sounds, Audiogram Basics, plus newly developed resources to promote early and consistent access to spoken language) features Sweet Success! Using Daily Routines to Support Listening and Talking - a new tool for EI providers to help parents help their child become comfortable with hearing device use during all waking hours includes a reusable dry-erase resource ring offering handy access to essential tools. STAFF USE ONLY.

Book cover. 372.21 McWill

Engagement of every child in the preschool classroom / R.A. McWilliam and Amy M. Casey. Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., c2008. Contents: About the authors -- Introduction -- Section 1. Introduction to engagement -- Section II. Classwide strategies for improving engagement -- Section III. Strategies for improving engagement in individual children -- Section IV. Planning for and monitoring engagement in the classroom -- Section V. Conclusion -- References -- Appendix A. The engagement construct / R.A. McWilliam -- Appendix B. Photocopiable forms -- Index.

Book cover. 372.21 Hyson

Enthusiastic and engaged learners : approaches to learning in the early childhood classroom / Marilou Hyson ; foreword by Sue Bredekamp. National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2008. Contents: Foreword -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Pt. 1. Setting the state for action: four questions to consider. 1. What are positive approaches to learning? -- 2. Why do positive approaches to learning matter? -- 3. How do children develop positive approaches to learning? -- 4. What undermines children's positive approaches to learning? -- Pt. 2. Transforming risks into opportunities: evidence-based tools to support positive approaches to learning. 5. Tools to build closer relationships with all children -- 6. Tools to find and use more effective curriculum -- 7. Tools to teach in ways that promote positive approaches to learning -- 8. Tools to assess children's approaches to learning -- 9. Tools that tap the power of families -- 10. Tools to create change -- Appendix A. Examples of developmental changes in children's approaches to learning -- Appendix B. Action planning form -- References -- Index -- About the author.

Book cover. 305.231 Raikes

Extending the dance in infant and toddler caregiving : enhancing attachment and relationships / by Helen H. Raikes and Carolyn Pope Edwards ; in collaboration with Lella Gandini. Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., c2009. Description: "Secure attachment between child and parent is one of the most important factors in early learning and development—and for children in infant-toddler programs, teachers are a critical third partner in this relationship dance. That's why child care administrators and educators need this warm and practical program guide. An in-depth blueprint for promoting attachment and relationships in early childhood settings, this book helps professional caregivers and educators develop sensitive, nurturing relationships with young children. In the process, they'll strengthen parent–child attachment and the supportive relationships among the adults who nurture the children. With the clear and detailed model in Extending the Dance, readers will: establish relationship-based programs that keep teachers and children together throughout the entire program and encourage strong connections between them ; develop respectful, mutually beneficial partnerships with parents of diverse cultural backgrounds refine teaching practices by carefully observing, documenting, sharing, and reflecting on what happens during the child care day ; plan comfortable, engaging physical environments indoors and outdoors that create community and excite children's minds ; ensure that children's individual needs are met by the program's structure and routines ; promote children's social skills and peer relationships ; ease transition times and promote continuity by providing sensitive support to children and parents ; improve professional communication and support among teachers and administrators in a community of learning to help them establish and maintain a relationship-based early childhood program, administrators and teachers will get concrete guidance on every step of the process, plus inspiration and ideas from successful programs in the United States and around the world. With this innovative program guide, early childhood educators will be full participants in the dance of early attachment—and promote the healthy emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development of the young children they care for."

Book cover. 649.151 From

From the heart : on being the mother of a child with special needs / Patricia Bowman (Pat) ... [et al.] ; editors, Jayne D. B. Marsh, Carol Boggis. Woodbine House, c1995. Description: "In eye-opening narrative based on their parent support group process, nine mothers explore the intense, sometimes painful, emotional terrain of raising a child with special needs. The children who have helped shape the women's lives have a variety of special needs, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADD, and multiple disabilities. The successes, setback, struggles, and joys shared here cover important aspects of daily life: relationships with professional providers, family life, work, school issues, and feelings about the 'self' and closest friends and family members."

Book cover. 372.21 Espinosa

Getting it RIGHT for young children from diverse backgrounds : applying research to improve practice / Linda M. Espinosa. National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2010. Description: The urgent message of this book is fueled by a convergence of multiple influences: the demographic shifts rippling through rural and urban communities, creating new populations of children and families that require new approaches and strategies the compelling research unveiled during the last two decades that proves scientific evidence of both the need to intervene early and the guidance on how to design effective programs for diverse families and learners; and the ethical obligation to address significant discrepancies in opportunity to learn.

Book cover. AV 371.395 Hand

Hand-in-hand [videorecording (DVD)] : supporting children with play problems / producers, Linda Freedman, Rae Latham, Christina King. Educational Productions, c1992, 2009. Description: This series is designed to increase the awareness that children have play problems and to enhance adults' ability to assist those children.
Book cover. 371.926482 TymchuThe health & wellness program : a parenting curriculum for families at risk / Alexander J. Tymchuk. Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., c2006. Description: Ideal for psychologists, nurses, social workers, home visitors, parent educators, and others who work with families at risk, this complete program gives professionals everything they need to support parents with a wide range of disabilities or learning challenges as they learn about child health and safety.

Book cover. 649.1 Helpin

Helping babies learn : developmental profiles and activities for infants and toddlers / Setsu Furuno ... [et al.] ; illustrations drawn under contract by Cathie Lowmiller. Communication Skill Builders, c1993. Description: Understanding the clinical side of child development is one challenge. Developing a practical way to stimulate development day by day is quite another challenge, one that Helping Babies Learn meets well. This imaginative book is packed with developmental activities that fit easily into daily life. Parents and professionals alike will enjoy a deeper understanding of child development and a renewed enthusiasm for encouraging-and enjoying-a child's growth. And the innovative technique of presenting the text from the child's point of view gives adults new insight into the child's world.

Book cover. 371.9043 Helping

Helping troubled children and youth : continuing evidence for the Re-Ed approach / Robert P. Cantrell, Mary Lynn Cantrell, editors. American Re-Education Association, 2007. Description: This book is the second describing Re-ED's ecological approach for work with children and youth often labeled with emotional disturbance, behavior disorders, or mental illness. Based on educational, psychological, and ecological principles, Re-ED seeks to help children in natural settings by strengthening support systems, reducing system discord, and teaching children to use normal sources of affection, instruction, and discipline. The principles and practices of re-education, developed initially under mental health auspices, proved applicable to public school, social service, and correctional settings with troubled and troubling children in their first two decades of life. Re-ED program costs compare favorably to those of traditional treatment. Studies summarized here present evidence of past and continuing effectiveness of the Re-ED approach.

Book cover. 372.21 Kaltman

Help! for teachers of young children : 88 tips to develop children's social skills and create positive teacher-family relationships / Gwen Snyder Kaltman. Corwin Press, 20096 Description: This entertaining and informative resource offers tips on teaching communication and cooperation skills, instilling a positive self-concept in children, and creating effective team relationships with families.

Book cover. 371.90472 Appelbaum

How to handle hard-to-handle preschoolers : a guide for early childhood educators / Maryln Appelbaum. Corwin Press, 2009. Description: This user-friendly resource provides early childhood educators with a comprehensive overview of the most common kinds of behavioral disorders and learning disabilities in children ages 2 to 5, with guidelines for meeting students' needs within an inclusive environment

Book cover. 371.9046 Isbell

The inclusive learning center book : for preschool children with special needs / Christy Isbell and Rebecca Isbell ; illustrations by Stacy Larsen and Kathy Dobbs ; photographs by Michael O. Talley. Gryphon House, c2005. Description: "A resource book for preschool teachers, containing information for creating an inclusive learning center classroom and adaptable activities for children with varying special needs"--Provided by publisher.

Book cover. 371.102 Epstei

The intentional teacher : choosing the best strategies for young children's learning / Ann S. Epstein. National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2007. Contents: Introducing intentional teaching -- Best practices for intentional teaching -- Language and literacy -- Mathematics and scientific inquiry -- Social skills and understandings -- Physical movement -- The visual arts -- Reflections on intentional teaching.

Book cover. JUV 303.4830899712 Ipellie

The Inuit thought of it : amazing Arctic innovations Alootook Ipellie with David MacDonald. Annick Press, c2007. Contents: The Inuit, my people -- Timeline -- Map -- Dog sleds -- Kayak -- Shelter -- Clothing -- Arctic fun -- Hunting -- Food -- Medicine and healing -- Inuit today. Description: Examines the traditional technology developed by the Inuit, including such well known inventions as the kayak, the dog sled, the parka, and the igloo, as well as lesser known garments, activities, processes, and implements.

Book cover. 649.64 Isita

Is it a big problem or a little problem? : when to worry, when not to worry, and what to do / Amy Egan ... [et al.]. St. Martin's Griffin, 2007. Description: Your road map through the ups and downs of early childhood. Almost every child, at some point during their early years won't listen, will throw a tantrum, will be mean or aggressive, shy or withdrawn, be a picky eater, and more. As a parent, you know that differences in children's learning styles and temperaments are a given. However, when any of these problem behaviors become the 'norm' for a child, a red flag should go up. If they affect a child's ability to be happy, relate to others, and go about his daily life, there may be a real problem. ... will help you to determine: The size of the problem ; How to manage problems on your own with practical tips and strategies ; When, if at all, to seek a professional evaluation and what to do in the meantime ; Learn when to worry, when not to worry, and what to do. This book will be your essential guide to decoding your child's behavior and navigating the early years of childhood.

Book cover. 370.1534 Epstein

Me, you, us : social-emotional learning in preschool Ann S. Epstein ; foreword by Lilian G. Katz. HighScope Press ; National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2009. Contents: The Inuit, my people -- Timeline -- Map -- Dog sleds -- Kayak -- Shelter -- Clothing -- Arctic fun -- Hunting -- Food -- Medicine and healing -- Inuit today. Description: Following introductory chapters on child development and positive adult-child interactions, this book covers 13 topics of social-emotional learning and provides strategies teachers can use to promote children's growth in those areas -- from cover.

Book cover. 372.5044 Moomaw

More than painting : exploring the wonders of art in preschool and kindergarten Sally Moomaw and Brenda Hieronymus. Redleaf Press ; Distributed by Gryphon House, c1999. Description: Chapters include how to talk with children about their art, how to recognize the stages in a child's artistic development and how to discuss ideas with peers to provide even more possibilities in art curriculum -- from cover.

Book cover. 649.55 Miller

More things to do with toddlers and twos / written and illustrated by Karen Miller. Telshare Publishing Co., Inc., c1990. Description: These easy-to-do activities lead toddlers to many magical discoveries and experiences, and evoke their innate curiosity about their environment. It explores strategies to help you develop social competency in young children: how to stop "hurting" behaviors, as well as handling discipline and aggression. Includes hundreds of activities, techniques, and toy designs.

Book cover. 612.7 Bly

Motor skills acquisition in the first year : an illustrated guide to normal development / Lois Bly. Therapy Skill Builders, c1994. Description: ...a descriptive presentation of normal motor development and skill acquisition during the first year of life. It gives a greater understanding of normal motor development and normal movement in infants, in order to treat infants with delayed or aberrant movements. The goal of this book is to inform and enhance knowledge, understanding, and observational skills in the assessment of normal motor development, and to present an analysis of the motor components that babies use to achieve each milestone normally. It provides a background for enlarging the scope of kinesiological analysis and will serve as a stimulus for others to further investigate and analyze the kinesiological aspects of motor development. Key features: shows how a baby's first-year motor skill milestones are achieved, and how they evolve into skills ; presents an analysis of the motor components that babies use to achieve each milestone normally ; includes 300 beautiful photographs to capture the essence of normal motor development.

Book cover. 649.51 Schwar

The new language of toys : teaching communication skills to children with special needs : a guide for parents and teachers Sue Schwartz and Joan E. Heller Miller. Woodbine House, c1996. Description: ..a how-to guide about using everyday toys--both store bought and homemade--to develop communication skills in children with disabilities and make playtime a fun, exciting and educational experience.

Book cover. 745.592 Shea

No bored babies : a guide to making developmental toys for babies birth to age two / Jan Fisher Shea. Bear Creek Publications, c1986.

book cover. 372.6521044 Tabors

One child, two languages : a guide for early childhood educators of children learning English as a second language / Patton O. Tabors. 2nd ed. Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., c2008. Description: "Today's early childhood educators are serving more children learning English as a second language than ever—in Head Start alone, nearly 30% of the children speak a language other than English at home. ... Leading researcher Patton Tabors equips teachers with the foundation of knowledge they need to apply cutting-edge research to their everyday teaching practices ; address NAEYC's recommendations for responding to linguistic and cultural diversity use appropriate assessment techniques for children's first and second language, including an easy-to-use observation checklist (on the CD-ROM) to monitor children's English language learning over time ; discover ways to improve literacy instruction for all children, including literacy practices checklists (on the CD- ROM) that pinpoint areas needing curriculum support ; understand and attend to the particular needs of internationally adopted children conduct thought-provoking professional discussions with the book-club-ready study guide and materials (on the CD-ROM). Teachers will also get updates on all the key topics covered in the first edition, including working with parents, understanding the process of second-language acquisition, and using the curriculum and classroom organization to facilitate English language and literacy learning. Ideal for professional development, this book is the best tool a teacher can have to support the language and literacy development and school success of second language learners while honoring their home languages and cultures."-- publisher.

Book cover. 370.1528 Mah

The one-minute temper tantrum solution : strategies for responding to children's challenging behaviors / Ronald Mah. Corwin Press, c2008. Description: "In clear and understandable language, this resource explains what happens within a child when throwing a tantrum (verbal and/or physical) or exhibiting other disruptive behaviors, and offers teachers specific guidance and directions to meet the challenge. The One-Minute Temper Tantrum Solution helps teachers assess their beliefs about, and reactions to, children's aggressive behaviors to increase awareness of their own expectations and assumptions."--Publisher description.

Book cover. 745.5 Monaghan

Organic crafts : 75 Earth-friendly art activities / Kimberly Monaghan. Chicago Review Press, c2007. Description: Learn with fun-filled craft activities about reusing, reducing, and recycling. Ages 6-9.

book cover 372.21 Powers

Parent-friendly early learning : tips and strategies for working well with families / Julie Powers. Redleaf, c2005. Contents: Introduction -- Developing relationships with parents -- Policies that work for families and staff -- Finding common values between home and school -- Child development issues.

Book cover. 305.231 Landy

Pathways to competence : encouraging healthy social and emotional development in young children / by Sarah Landy. 2nd ed. Paul H. Brookes Pub., c2009. Contents: Understanding early development and temperament -- Helping children develop body control and a positive body image -- Developing a secure attachment -- Encouraging play and imagination -- Encouraging language and communication -- Laying a foundation for positive self-esteem -- Disciplining to encourage self-regulation, morality, and a sense of conscience -- Encouraging emotion regulation -- Encouraging attention, concentration, planning, and problem-solving -- Encouraging social competence, empathy, and caring behavior.

Book cover. 371.3352 Neumann

Picture science : using digital photography to teach young children / Carla Neumann-Hinds. Redleaf Press, c2007. Contents: Photography for collecting and analyzing data. Use photography to document change over time. Use photography to illustrate cause and effect. Use photography to identify parts of a whole. Use photography to classify. Create effective field trips -- Photography for demonstrating conclusions. Use photo series and data banks to demonstrate conclusions. Use charts to demonstrate conclusions. Use field guides to demonstrate conclusions -- Photography for making the process of inquiry visible. Use photography to promote metacognition. Use photography for group reflection. Use photography for individual reflection -- Photography for creating documentation. Create books. Create presentations. Use photography for assessment. Description: "[Y]our guide to making digital photography an important part of your early childhood program beyond just documenting class projects."--Cover.

Book cover. 372.21 Positive

Positive solutions for families / the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning. The Center ; Vanderbilt University, [2008?] Description: ... evidence-based, user-friendly parent training series of six sessions to help professionals working with parents promote positive and effective parenting behaviors, which will in turn promote children's social and emotional development and address the challenging behavior and mental health needs of children in child care and Head Start programs.

Book cover. 649.55 Pots

Pots & pans activities for the preschool child ; Activities for preschool multiple handicapped children. Instructional Materials Center of the Dept. of Exceptional Children, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, [197-?]

Book cover. 649.153 Essa

A practical guide to solving preschool behavior problems / Eva L. Essa. 2nd ed. Delmar Publishers, c1990. Description: Focusing attention on possible underlying causes of a child's misbehavior, this guide uses a situational approach for solving specific behavior problems that commonly occur with young children. Each behavior is discussed in a separate chapter, with step-by-step recommendations provided to correct the problem. The book encourages readers to consider the influences of developmental, environmental, and health factors on children's behavior. The chapters are grouped in sections as follows: (1) "Overview," including setting a positive environment to encourage appropriate behavior, and why children misbehave; (2) "Aggressive and Antisocial Behaviors," including hitting, biting, stealing, and noncompliance; (3) "Disruptive Behaviors," including running aimlessly around the classroom, shouting in the classroom, and dropping objects to create noise; (4) "Destructive Behaviors," including breaking toys, flushing objects down the toilet, and destroying the work of others; (5) "Emotional and Dependent Behaviors," including tantrums, baby talk, clinging, whining, and seeking attention; (6) "Participation in Social and School Activities," including non participation, shyness, and infrequent large-muscle activity; and (7) "Eating Behaviors," including finicky eating and overeating. The final two chapters cover dealing with multiple problem behaviors, and record keeping. (HTH)

DVD cover. AV 372.21 Practic

Practical strategies for teaching social emotional skills [videorecording (DVD)] / produced by Center for Evidence-Based Practice: Young Children with Challenging Behavior in partnership with the Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning ... [et al.]. Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, c2007. Description: Highlights strategies that teachers and families can use with preschool children to develop social emotional skills, such as making friends, problem solving, asking an adult for help, talking about feelings, and managing emotions.

Book cover. 372.712 Shareef

Practice in building bridges : companion resource to Diversity in early care and education, 5th ed / Intisar Shareef and Janet Gonzalez-Mena. National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2008. Contents: About this book -- Introduction to building bridges -- Perceiving and responding to differences -- Communicating across cultures -- Working with diversity issues -- A framework for understanding differences -- Attachment and separation -- Dffering perspectives on learning through play -- Socialization, guidance, and discipline.

DVD cover. AV 372.21 Promot

Promoting social emotional competence [videorecording (DVD)]. Rev. 5/06. Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, 2005. Description: "This film is designed to provide a foundation for understanding the teaching pyramid as a framework for promoting young children's social and emotional development and preventing and addressing challenging behavior."--Container.

DVD cover. AV 372.21 Promoting TrnMod 3rd ed

Promoting social emotional competence [videorecording (DVD)] : training modules 3rd ed., Rev. 5/06. Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, 2006. Description: Facilitator's guide -- Module 1. Promoting children's success: building relationships and creating supportive environments -- Module 2. Social emotional teaching strategies -- Module 3a. Individualized intensive interventions: determining the meaning of challenging behavior -- Module 3b. Individualized intensive interventions: developing a behavior support plan -- Module 4. Leadership strategies for supporting children's social and emotional development and addressing challenging behavior.

Book cover. 372.35 DeVries

Ramps & pathways : a constructivist approach to physics with young children / Rheta DeVries and Christina Sales. National Association for the Education of Young Children, [2011] Description: Provides an introduction to constructivist physics with classroom examples illustrating how children construct knowledge. Shows how to promote children's scientific reasoning by engaging them in active experimentation.

Book cover. 372.218 Jacobs

Reaching standards and beyond in kindergarten : nurturing children's sense of wonder and joy in learning / Gera Jacobs, Kathy Crowley. Corwin ; NAEYC, c2010. Description: ...shows teachers how to help young children reach standards in literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts through creative play activities that ignite their enthusiasm to learn. The authors also offer suggestions for promoting healthy physical and social-emotional development. This resource: presents authentic assessments for measuring student progress toward standards ; offers tips for working with English language learners and children with special needs ; discusses how to develop relationships with caregivers and strengthen home-school connections. Includes sample templates, calendars, book lists, and more.

Book cover. JUV 577.64 Miller

River of life / Debbie S. Miller ; illustrated by Jon Van Zyle. Clarion Books, c2000. Description: Describes a river in Alaska and the life that it supports, emphasizing how the living things around it are connected and dependent upon it for their survival..

Book cover. 372.35044 Ross

Sandbox scientist : real science activities for little kids / Michael E. Ross ; illustrated by Mary Anne Lloyd. Chicago Review Press, c1995. Description: A guide for adults in setting up activities for children ages two to eight to discover scientific facts about water, matter, air, light, etc., using familiar materials.

Book cover. 371.82996 School

School readiness and social-emotional development : perspectives on cultural diversity Barbara Bowman and Evelyn K. Moore, editors. National Black Child Development Institute, 2006. Contents: NBCDI Social-Emotional Development Project / Evelyn K. Moore -- School readiness and social-emotional development / Barbara Bowman -- Teacher-child relationships, social-emotional development, and school achievement / Aisha Ray, Barbara Bowman, and Jeanine O'Nan Brownell -- Leveraging diversity to benefit children's social-emotional development and school readiness / Carol Brunson Day -- Social, cultural, and linguistic features of school readiness in young Latino children / Linda M. Espinosa -- Resilience : preparing children for school / Barbara Bowman -- Research methods and issues for the study of African American children and school achievement / Dolores G. Norton -- ABLE : a system for mental health screening and care for preschool children / Oscar A. Barbarin -- Social and emotional development in the zero-to-three child : a systems change approach / Melinda Green.

Book cover. 362.712 Miller

Simple transitions for infants and toddlers / Karen Miller ; illustrations, Marie Ferrante Doyle ; photographs, Mary Duru. Gryphon House, c2005. Contents: Introduction -- 1. General principles and techniques -- 2 Center transitions -- 3. Daily transitions with infants -- 4. Daily transitions with toddlers -- Appendix -- Index.

Book cover. 372.12 Barrera

Skilled dialogue : strategies for responding to cultural diversity in early childhood / Isaura Barrera and Robert M. Corso with Dianne Macpherson. P.H. Brookes Pub., c2003 Description: Provides a field-tested model for respectful, reciprocal, and responsive interaction honoring cultural beliefs and values. Includes detailed vignettes, reproducible forms, tips on using translators, and guidelines for distinguishing and differentiating between behaviors from other cultures.

Book cover. 618.9289 Social

Social & emotional health in early childhood : building bridges between services & systems / edited by Deborah F. Perry, Roxane F. Kaufmann, and Jane Knitze ; [foreword by Jack P. Shonkoff]. Paul H. Brookes, c2007. Description: Social-emotional health is one of the most critical factors in a child's development and school readiness—a factor that depends on weaving effective mental health services into other systems and programs that support young children. ... professionals will discover how to improve young children's outcomes by building sturdy bridges between mental health and medical, educational, and social services. Combining the research and guidance of more than two dozen leading experts in early childhood and mental health, this book helps practitioners: make ; the most of the powerful, complex link between social-emotional health and school readiness ; infuse mental health services and supports ; into pediatric primary care settings, child care centers, early intervention programs, and preschool classrooms ; understand and implement the nuts and bolts of successful, integrated service systems, from strategic planning to workforce development ; evaluate the effectiveness of early childhood mental health services and supports ; learn valuable lessons from the most successful state and local programs ; implement effective, evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies for children at risk for social-emotional and behavior problems encourage resilience in young children and families. Brief, vivid stories throughout the book illustrate how mental health services help children and families at risk, and two extended real-life case studies give readers an inside look at effective early childhood mental health systems, including structure, financing, and outcomes evaluation. ...practitioners and policy makers will learn how to make mental health services and supports an integral part of every early childhood setting—and ensure better social-emotional and academic outcomes for all young children.
Book cover. 303.324 SocialSocial competence of young children : risk, disability, & intervention / edited by William H. Brown, Samuel L. Odom, and Scott R. McConnell. Paul H. Brookes Pub., c2008. Description: Increasing positive peer interaction can reduce future social competence problems, but how can you ensure that children with developmental difficulties are given a chance to cultivate the social relationships they need? For your work with children from birth to age 5 who are at risk for or who have been identified with social competence difficulties, now one succinct resource puts the latest research and effective strategies right at your fingertips.

Book cover. 372.82 Knoff

The stop & think social skills program PreK-1 [kit] Howard M. Knoff. Rev. ed. Sopris West, c2001. Description: Designated a "model program" by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this program addresses four developmental levels and helps students learn interpersonal, survival, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. Preschool-grade 1.

Book cover. AV 649.64 Stop

Stop and think [videorecording (DVD)] : a social skills training program for parents. Sopris West, 1998. Description: This video uses real-life situations to illustrate the Stop & Think process. Appropriate for parents. Grades pre-K to 8

Book cover. 372.82 Knoff

The stop and think social skills program Teacher's manual for PreK-1 / Howard M. Knoff. Sopris West, c2001. Description: ... a nationally recognized program for students in grades PreK-8. It addresses four development levels: interpersonal, survival, problem-solving and conflict resolutions. ... helps students develop the tools they need to succeed in life and in school.

Book cover. 372.218 Pianta

Successful kindergarten transition : your guide to connecting children, families & schools Robert C. Pianta, Marcia Kraft-Sayre. P.H. Brookes, c2003. Description: Perfect for preschool and kindergarten teachers, administrators, and family support specialists, this practical guide is built around a model that has been adopted in many diverse schools and communities. Step by step, the book helps professionals and caregivers develop a solid transition plan. Readers will learn how to form a collaborative team; foster strong social connections among children, families, and professionals; create a menu of transition activities that can be tailored to each child's needs; and establish a timeline for putting the transition plan into action. Implement the plan. Readers will discover how to anticipate barriers; keep families involved; and conduct ongoing assessment, evaluation, and revision of transition activities. ... Readers will learn from the experience of others with insight from real families, educators, and school personnel, plus sample menus of activities they can use in their own homes and classrooms.

Book cover. 372.21 Pica

Teachable transitions : 190 activities to move from morning circle to the end of the day / Rae Pica ; [illustrations, Kathy Dobbs]. Gryphon House, c2003. Description: Turn everyday transitions into valuable learning experiences! As children pretend to trudge their way through knee-deep marshmallow fluff, or zoom around like a vacuum cleaner, even cleaning up the classroom becomes an enjoyable experience. Thanks to transitions that are both fun and educational, the minutes between planned activities become moments that children actually look forward to. With Teachable Transitions, each and every preschooler will be engaged and interested all day long! Filled with movement activities, games, fingerplays, chants, and songs, Teachable Transitions offers a variety of ways for your preschoolers to move through their day. Organized by categories such as "Arrival," "Outside," "Snacks & Lunch," and "Cleanup," each transition will hold the children's attention as they go from one activity to the next. The "Ready, Set, Go," format turns ordinary, everyday transitions into stress-free learning moments.

Book cover. 688.725 Linder

Teachables from trashables : homemade toys that teach / Toys 'n Things ; text & drawings by C. Emma Linderman. Toys 'n Things Press, c1979. Description: Contains instructions for adults to make educational toys from household refuse for preschool and young school age children. Includes suggestions for using the toys in educational settings.
Book cover. 688.725 ReadleTeachables II : homemade toys that teach / Rhoda Redleaf ; illustrations by Ellen Krans.Toys 'n Things Press, c1987. Description: Contains instructions for adults to make educational toys from household refuse for preschool and young school age children. Includes suggestions for using the toys in educational settings.

Book cover. 688.725 Goldbe

Teaching with toys : making your own educational toys / Sally Goldberg. University of Michigan Press, c1981. Description: How to arrange the home environment for learning, with ideas and examples on providing infants and toddlers with an enriching environment. The toys focus on: self-awareness, colors, letters, numbers, shapes and reading.
Book cover. 649.55 MillerThings to do with toddlers and twos / written and illustrated by Karen Miller. Telshare Publishing Co., Inc., c1984. Description: Toddlers explore the world using their senses with over 400 exciting hands-on activities. The suggested activities help children develop cognitive skills, language, sensory awareness, gross and fine motor skills, self-image, sociability, imagination, and more.

DVD cover. AV 649.123 Fay

Toddlers and pre-schoolers : love and logic parenting for early childhood : 6 months to 5 years / Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline.Love and Logic Press, Â1997. Description: Audio book. "Parents are often overwhelmed when their adorable little baby suddenly becomes a demanding - not to mention out-of-control - toddler. At this stage, no matter how loud you say "no," it seems the word doesn't hold any meaning whatsoever. Now Jim and Foster show you how to use their unique love and logic approach to effectively work with your toddler's problem behavior."--Container.
Book cover. 688.72 TenTouch toys and how to make them : especially designed for the visually handicapped but also safe and suitable for all. H.Z. Ten Horn, c1981. Description: Instructions on making safe and fun toys for children.

Book cover. 372.21 Larson

Transition magician : strategies for guiding young children in early childhood programs / Nola Larson, Mary Henthorne, Barbara Plum. Redleaf Press ; Distributed by Gryphon House, c1994. Description: Gives creative ideas and suggestions to turn difficult situations and borings transition times into magical moments for children in the classroom.

DVD cover. AV 613.7042 UpDown

Up down & all around [videorecording (DVD)] : movement fun for everyone / written, developed and created by Stacey Pepper Schwartz ; produced and directed by Stacey Pepper Schwarts, Deb Mendoca Cote ; musical performer, Steve Blunt. Leaping Legs, c2008. Description: An exercise and movement program designed for people of all abilities; helps develop body awareness and confidence. Focuses on the three components of a healthy exercise program: strength, stretch and endurance. Uses games and activities that are fun and that encourage adult-child interactions. Ages 2 and up.

Book cover. 371.904393 Barrera

Using skilled dialogue to transform challenging interactions : honoring identity, voice, & connection / Isaura Barrera and Lucinda Kramer. Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., c2009 Description: Because behavior is rooted in culture, responding to the challenges posed by diverse behavior in early childhood settings depends on a deep understanding of the experiences, values, perceptions, and beliefs that shape it. This is the book that shows professionals how to interpret behavior in the context of culture—and use their knowledge to improve even the most challenging interactions. Applying Isaura Barrera's popular Skilled Dialogue approach to challenging interactions of all types—be they between adults and children or only between adults—this positive and practical guide works because it transforms the behavior of everyone: young children with special needs, early childhood professionals, and families. With this fresh, creative approach to addressing behavior challenges, early education professionals will discover how to apply the three critical qualities of Skilled Dialogue: respect for differences, reciprocity that honors diverse perspectives, and responsiveness to a person's true identity and needs ; nurture young children's confidence and sense of self while building effective behavioral supports ; become better communicators and collaborators with colleagues and families ; make the most of the gifts and strengths inherent in differences rather than perceiving them as roadblocks or weaknesses ; build mutually beneficial relationships rather than seeking control over others ; dismantle the stereotypes that can harm relationships and encourage negative judgments ; move beyond rigid "either-or" thinking and welcome multiple ways of reaching a desired outcome, Extended case examples and specific classroom strategies give readers models for their own interactions, vignettes with discussion questions help readers practice what they learn, and tools such as self-assessments and case analysis exercises make it easy to implement Skilled Dialogue in any early childhood setting. The book also includes a handy Skilled Dialogue Quick Sheet that users can keep at their fingertips for a fast, reader-friendly refresher on implementing the model.

Book cover. 372.82 Ross

Wanna play : friendship skills for preschool and elementary grades / Ruth Ross and Beth Roberts-Pacchione. Corwin Press, 2007. Description: Youngsters at risk or with developmental delays or disabilities may experience considerable difficulty in learning how to make friends. This practical teacher resource presents the Wanna Play Program, a curriculum devoted specifically to helping PreK-3 students develop the social skills they need to interact appropriately with individuals and groups. This teacher-friendly handbook provides over 60 lesson plans involving more than 300 games and activities. With dozens of reproducibles, it offers many instructional options for teachers.

Book cover. 372.21 Jones

Workshop handbook, Creative curriculum for preschool / [materials developed by Candy Jones and Cate Heroman]. Teaching Strategies, c2006 Note: Appears to accompany: A trainer's guide to The creative curriculum for preschool. Volume. 1, Getting started; and: A trainer's guide to The creative curriculum for preschool. Volume 2, Literacy.

Book cover. 372.623 Schick

Writing in preschool : learning to orchestrate meaning and marks / Judith A. Schickedanz, Renee M. Casbergue. International Reading Association, c2004. Contents: Where young children start in learning to write -- From scribble to script -- Letter strings to real words -- From short messages to longer and more coherent messages -- Time, space, materials, and a helping hand -- Home-school connections and ideas for assessment.

Book cover. 649.122 Karnes

You and your small wonder : activities for busy parents and babies / Merle B. Karnes. AGS, c1982. Description: Presents 156 activities that fit into the day. These activities give the baby practice in skills including: language development, intellectual development, balance and motion skills, and social skills. Birth to 18 months.

Book cover. 649.122 Karnes

You and your small wonder : activities for busy parents and babies / Merle B. Karnes. AGS, c1982. Description: Presents 156 activities that fit into the day. These activities give the toddler practice in skills including: language development, intellectual development, balance and motion skills, and social skills. 18-36 months.

Book cover. 649.1 Baldwi

You are your child's first teacher / Rahima Baldwin ; photographs by Harriette Hartigan. CelestialArts, c1989. Description: ... introduces a new way of understanding the human being so that parents can be best equipped to serve as their own children's best teachers. Chapters include: Caring for the Newborn, Helping Your Toddler's Development, The Development of Fantasy and Creative Play, Nourishing Your Child's Imagination, Rhythm and Discipline in Home Life, Readiness for School, and more.

Book cover. 649.1 Evans

You can't come to my birthday party! : conflict resolution with young children / Betsy Evans. High/Scope Press, c2002 Description: ... includes more than 50 actual stories of conflict experiences from preschools, nursery schools, Head Start centers, elementary schools, and homes. Through these real stories and the accompanying photos of conflicts in progress, readers can “see and hear” children resolving disputes successfully, guided by adults using the six-step process. Using this book as a guide, teachers and parents will have the strategies in hand to make the most of these valuable learning opportunities, whether the children in their care are toddlers, preschoolers, or school-aged children.

Book cover. 372.7044 Copley

The young child and mathematics / Juanita V. Copley. 2nd ed. National Association for the Education of Young Children ; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, c2010. Description: Reflects recent developments in math education using vignettes from classrooms, activity ideas, and strategies for teaching young children about math processes and concepts. Incorporates standards and guidelines from NCTM and NAEYC.

Book cover. 372.1102 Porter

Young children's behavior : practical approaches for caregivers and teachers / Louise Porter. 3rd ed. Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co., c2008. Contents: Contrasting ideas about discipline -- Evidence about disciplinary practices -- A child-centred educational program -- Meeting children's basic needs -- Meeting children's need to belong -- Meeting children's need for autonomy -- Meeting children's need for self-esteem -- Origins of inconsiderate behaviour -- Communicating to solve problems -- Everyday responses to disruptions -- Teaching children emotional self-control -- Finding solutions to chronic difficulties -- Disruptions during routines -- Guiding prosocial behaviour -- Disruptions associated with atypical development -- Nurturing staff -- Collaborating with parents -- Formulating a discipline policy.

Book cover. 372.136 Helm

Young investigators : the project approach in the early years / Judy Harris Helm, Lilian G. Katz. 2nd ed. Teachers College Press ; National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2011. Contents: Projects and young children -- Getting started -- Developing the project -- Investigation -- Concluding the project -- The camera project : preschoolers engaged and learning -- The fire hydrant project : adapting the approach for toddlers -- Issues in guiding projects with young children. Description: This book has been updated and expanded to help teachers use the project approach. The book introduces the approach and provides step-by-step guidance for conducting meaningful projects.

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