Preschool Program Materials related to Deafness and Hard of Hearing

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Access for all : integrating deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing preschoolers Gail Solit, Maral Taylor, & Angela Bednarczyk. Gallaudet University, 1992.
Description: Facts about deaf people, their language, and culture; audiological aspects of hearing loss; and use of assistive devices. Components needed to establish and implement formal relationships between local agencies serving deaf and hard of hearing children and early education programs. Environmental modifications needed to make early childhood programs accessible for deaf and hard of hearing children.

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The baby is listening : an educational tool for professionals who work with children who are deaf or hard of hearing / Warren Estabrooks, Judith Marlowe. Alexander Graham Bell Association, [2000]
Description: An educational tool for professionals who work with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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Volume 1-2

Baby see 'n sign [videorecording (DVD)] : object-word association continued. Kronz Kidz Productions, c2001.
Description: Provides the basic building blocks for beginning baby sign language to help infants express their needs and thoughts before they are able to talk. Ages 6 mo. & up.
Becoming bilingual : facilitating English literacy development using ASL in preschool / by Lynne Erting and Judy Pfau. Gallaudet University, Pre-College National Mission Programs, c1997.
Description: "This paper discusses ways to facilitate the emerging literacy of deaf children by encouraging bilingualism in American Sign Language and English within the context of what is known from research and practice about emerging literacy in hearing and deaf children. This approach focuses on enrichment by the addition of a second language (English) while supporting the primary language (ASL) as the language of instruction. Three broad topics are emphasized: (1) developing metalinguistic awareness of the two languages; (2) shared storybook experiences; and (3) writing development. Other factors, such as the importance of fingerspelling, social interaction, and the use of environmental print are addressed within the three areas of focus. (Contains 58 references.) (DB)"--ERIC.

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Communication activities for infants and toddlers. by Monica Devine ; photographs by Monica Devine ; illustrations drawn under contract by Corwyn Zimbleman.
Communication Skill Builders, c1990. Growing together ; booklets 1-3.
Description: Three booklets: birth to 12 months -- 12 to 24 months -- 24 to 36 months.

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Early listening at home : curriculum for infants and toddlers with hearing loss / Jennifer Manley, Judith Odendahl and Megan Samson. Central Institute for the Deaf, c2019.
1 manual ; 1 color pad of brochures "Sweet Success!" ; 1 b&w pad of assessment forms ; 1 key ring set of color laminated cards
Description: Early Listening at Home (ELH) is a curriculum for early intervention (EI) providers working with parents of children from birth to age 3 who are deaf and hard of hearing and beginning to learn listening and spoken language. The ELH: outlines skills and strategies to support parents and caregivers, including techniques for effective coaching, planning and reflecting provides 47 one-page activities for families to practice early listening skills (Detection, Identification and Comprehension) includes a simple form to track and follow up on progress suggests conversations about each skill you can tailor to each individual family offers practical, shareable resources in English and Spanish (ex: The Ear, Familiar Sounds Audiogram, Six Ling Sounds, Audiogram Basics, plus newly developed resources to promote early and consistent access to spoken language) features Sweet Success! Using Daily Routines to Support Listening and Talking - a new tool for EI providers to help parents help their child become comfortable with hearing device use during all waking hours includes a reusable dry-erase resource ring offering handy access to essential tools. STAFF USE ONLY.

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First things first : early communication for the pre-symbolic child with severe disabilities Charity Rowland, Philip Schweigert. Oregon Health & Science University, c2004.
Description: Provides practical strategies for encouraging early communication in children who have no or minimal intentional communication and are not yet ready to use symbols to communicate. It is designed as a companion to the Tangible symbol systems book that addresses the communication needs of children who are already able to communicate pre-symbolically.

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It takes two to talk : a practical guide for parents of children with language delays Jan Pepper and Elaine Weitzman ; based on the first and second editions by Ayala Hanen Manolson. 3rd ed. Hanen Centre c2004.
Description: ... gives parents the tools to make early language intervention a natural, ongoing part of everyday life with their child. New checklists and goal charts in the first chapter make it easier for parents and professionals to identify the child's stage of communication and choose the most appropriate interaction and communication goals right from the start. With a heightened focus on helping children initiate, take turns in enjoyable, extended interactions and increase their expressive language skills, the ... guidebook shows parents how to use responsive interaction strategies that increase children's language skills. Written in simple language and beautifully illustrated, this guidebook shows parents how to integrate It Takes Two to Talk strategies into everyday routines like mealtime, bath, time, play, time and book reading.

Model of an ear.

Model of ear. Distributed by ADCO Hearing Products [2003?]
Description: Model of the human ear, on stand.

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The new language of toys : teaching communication skills to children with special needs : a guide for parents and teachers Sue Schwartz and Joan E. Heller Miller.
Woodbine House, c1996.
Description: ... a how-to guide about using everyday toys--both store bought and homemade--to develop communication skills in children with disabilities and make playtime a fun, exciting and educational experience.

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Parent-infant communication : a family-centered curriculum of listening and communication skills development for children, birth to four years of age, with hearing loss or language delay / by Valerie Schuyler & Jayne Sowers. 4th ed. Infant Hearing Resource, Hearing and Speech Institute, [1998].
Description: Family-centered curriculum of listening and communication skills development for children, birth to four years of age, with hearing impairment or language delays.

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Sensory perspectives [videorecording (DVD)] Providing Resources through Interactive Instruction in Deafblind Education (PRIIDE) ; directors, Linda Alsop, Thomas Risk ; scriptwriters, Linda Alsop, Bess Dennison, Jon Watkins ; SKI-HI Institute, Utah State University ; K-SAR Video Productions.
HOPE, Inc., c2003.
Description: Menu-driven DVD simulates vision loss, hearing loss and combined vision and hearing loss.

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Sign with your baby [videorecording (DVD)] : [how to communicate with infants before they can speak] with Joseph Garcia ; special appearance by Dr. Burton White. Northlight Communications, c2004.
Description: Videodisc provides practical advice, and includes illustrations and demonstrations of the most effective signs to use with your baby.
(Book also available separately.)

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Signing smart for early communication : beginner handbook Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert. Wide-Eyed Learning, c2002.
Description: This book goes beyond motivating parents to sign. It is a hands-on guide with step-by-step instructions on how to get started, as well as how to go beyond the beginning with strategies to make signing a natural part of your everyday interactions. Photo dictionary with over 100 ASL signs.

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Singing sounds [sound recording (CD)] Cathy Bollinger. Rivana ; EduFun Productions, 1997.
Description: Presents letter sounds as a sing-a-long activity. Ages 2-7.
Also available: Singing words [sound recording] : what? where? when? who?

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The Ski*Hi model : programming for hearing impaired infants through home intervention : home visit curriculum / Thomas C. Clark and Susan Watkins.
4th ed. SKI*HI Institute, Dept. of Communicative Disorders, Utah State University, c1985.
Description: The manual describes the SKI*HI Model, a comprehensive approach to identification and home intervention treatment of hearing impaired children and their families. The model features home programing in four basic areas: the home hearing aid program (nine lessons which facilitate the proper fit and acceptance of amplification by the child), home communication program (ways to help parents develop essential communication skills and select an optimum language method), home auditory program (ways to promote use of residual hearing), and home language stimulation program. Information for parent advisors address the first home visits, psycho-emotional support for families, and home visit planning, delivery, and reporting. Home visit programs are examined in terms of lesson plans and sample activities for the subject areas of: hearing aids, home communication, home auditory programs, and home language stimulation programs (aural-oral and total communication). (CL)

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Time to sing [sound recording(CD)] : sing-along fun made easy! produced by Michael Moricz.
Center for Creative Play, 2000.
Description: Presents letter sounds as a sing-a-long activity. Ages 2-7

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You and your baby : building communication : adapted from It takes two to talk : Hanen parent guidebook (Manolson, 1985) by Luigi Girolametto, Ph. D. and Irene Ushycky, D.S.P. ; edited by Elizabeth Lang, B.A.
Hanen Early Language Program, c1989.

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