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A folded ribbon with the autism puzzle pieces on it and the word autism.
* Autism in Early Childhood
* Adults on the Autism Spectrum
* Paraprofessionals working with Students on the Autism Spectrum
* Autobiographies on the Autism Spectrum
* PECS : Picture Exchange Communication System
* Twice-Exceptional Students
An apple with the word academics
* Adapted Physical Education and Sports
* Adapting and Using Arts for Students with Special Needs
* Teaching Mathematics and Science
* Homework Helps and Study Skills
* Transition Materials
* Small, Rural and Alaskan Schools
Two hands shaking and the words social skills.
* Bullying Resources
* Mediation and Conflict Resolution
* Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Materials
* Julia Cook books on social skills for children
* Social Skills Curricula
A multi-tool in a head with the words coping skills.
* Executive Functioning Resources
* Mindfulness and Meditation
* Grief, Trauma and Resilience
A child's block and the words Preschool and Infant Learning.
* Preschool Program Materials
* Preschool Program Materials related to Low Vision
* Preschool Program Materials related to Deafness and Hard of Hearing
* Assessments for Preschool Age Children

Books and the words Literacy and adapted books.

* Literacy for Students with Special Needs Bibliography

Connected links with the word Resources.
* Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effect Resources
* Traumatic Brain Injury
* Cross Cultural Information
* Library Materials related to Paraprofessionals
* Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Resilience
* Materials in Other Languages (French, Spanish, Alaska Native Languages, Russian and Polyglot)
* Magazines and Journals in the SESA Library
* Materials donated by Partners in Policymaking
These books include topics of family supports, social networking, inclusiveness, and community.
* Libraries and Other Resources in Alaska and Beyond
* Materials for Military Families
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* E-BooksA package in a mailbox labeled new Materials.
* New Materials List -- Updated Monthly

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* Copyright Information