New Library Materials for November 2021

New Library Materials for November 2021

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Space : hands-on activities, the latest information, and a colorful learning poster / by Mary Kay Carson. Scholastic Professional Books, 1996.
Description: Organized into five main sections, each section begins with general information about a space topic and is followed by a variety of student activities and reproducible pages related to that topic.

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Science. Frank Schaffer Publications, 1994.
Description: Worksheets/ Activity sheets. Safety. Five senses. Dental health. Our human body. Trees. Flowers. Animals. Baby animals. Endangered animals. Dinosaurs. Ecology. Four seasons. Weather. Our solar system. Our sun. Stars. Water. Oceans.

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AI Reserve
Sensory solutions in the classroom : the teacher's guide to fidgeting, inattention and restlessness / Monique Thoonsen and Carmen Lamp ; Foreword by Professor Winnie Dunn ; Translated by: Meike Ellens, Monique Thoonsen and Carmen Lamp ; Illustrations by Ruud Bijman. J. Kingsley, 2021.
Description: "Sensory processing disorders (SPD) affects 5 to 16 percent of school-aged children. Children with SPD struggle with how to process stimulation, which can cause a wide range of symptoms including hypersensitivity to sound, sight and touch, poor fine motor skills and easy distractibility. This guide to sensory processing in the classroom provides accessible science-based advice suitable for the teacher market to understand these symptoms and how they impact learning. The techniques provided help children feel settled and soothed at school, enabling them to learn and communicate better. Includes interactive quizzes and activities throughout, such as self-assessment, imagined scenarios, flowcharts, graphics etc"-- Provided by publisher.

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Webster's new explorer large print dictionary / created in cooperation with the editors of Merriam-Webster.
Description:A large print English language dictionary which includes definitions and pronunciations of over 40,000 words.

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The everyday autism handbook for schools / by Claire Droney and Annelies Verbiest. J. Kingsley Publishers, 2022.
Description: A practical, easy-to-read introduction to the ideas and strategies that can be implemented within the classroom to help autistic children achieve their full potential. With an introduction to autism and its key differences, insights from autistic individuals and case studies drawn from years of experience, this is the definitive resource for busy teachers supporting autistic children within a mainstream or specialist school environment. This book provides guidance on a variety of topics related to teaching autistic children in primary school, including adapting the curriculum, ensuring effective communication with staff and parents, fostering emotional regulation, as well as staff self-care. Each chapter includes easy-to-follow guides and resources, providing solutions, direction and support for teachers to help students on the autism spectrum to thrive.


Board on stand with brush


Buddha Board [games] : master the art of letting go.
Description: Paint on the surface with water and watch your creation come to life. As the water slowly evaporates your art will magically disappear... leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind.

Tablet being used

TactileDoodle. American Printing House for the Blind, 2017.
Description: Use TactileDoodle and quickly generate tactile, raised-line graphics to convey a variety of concepts or art within the classroom or at home, including: demonstrate a variety of concepts related to science, math, geography, etc. ; illustrate spatial concepts and simple maps ; practice handwriting skills ; play interactive games (e.g. tic-tac-toe) ; complete more open-ended, artistic drawing activities ; practice tracing skills (e.g. tracing within a stencil or around a 3D object) ; provide tactile illustrations during teachable moments. For use with Tactile Drawing Film.

Braille Books

The great ice engine [braille] : Anna & Elsa / by Erica David. TBE Sisterhood Braille Binder, 2018.
Description: When Kristoff and the ice harvesters challenge Oaken and his new invention to a friendly contest, Oaken, Elsa, and Anna becomes embroil in a mystery involving a missing ice harvesting machine.

Hand, hand, fingers, thumb [braille] / Al Perkins. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery Volunteers.
Description: Easy-to-read rhyming text describes what can be done on a drum with hand, fingers and thumb.

The nose book [braille] / by Al Perkins. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery Volunteers.
Description: "I see a nose on every face. I see noses every place!" Noses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and are handy to have for sniffling, smelling, and . . . playing horns? This simple, sometimes silly story offers little ones a first ode to the nose and all that it does.

Framed in France [braille] / created by Jeff Brown ; written by Josh Greenhut. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery Volunteers.
Description: "Stanley Lambchop is whisked away to Paris, where he must help catch a mastermind art thief at the historical Louvre museum by posing a painting"-- Provided by publisher.

More spaghetti, I say! [braille] / by Rita Golden Gelman. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery.
Description: Minnie the monkey is too busy eating spaghetti--all day, in all ways--to play with her friend Freddie.

Old hat, new hat [braille] / by Stan and Jan Berenstain. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery Volunteers.
Description: Can the perfect old hat really be replaced by a new one?

The Berenstain bears and the double dare [braille] / Stan & Jane Berenstain. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery Volunteers.
Description: Brother Bear feels excited about joining Too-Tall Grizzly's gang until the members dare him to steal one of Farmer Ben's juicy watermelons.

The foot book [braille] / by Dr. Seuss. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery Volunteers.
Description: Beginner's text describes all sorts of feet doing all sorts of things.

Oh say can you seed! [braille] / Bonnie Worth. TBE Sisterhood Braille Bindery Volunteers.
Description: The Cat in the Hat tells children what plants are used for, how plants grow, and the different parts of a plant.

Braille FUNdamentals : UEB : primary level / Shannon Durst, edited by Margaret Edwards. Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 2020.
Description: Braille FUNdamentals is a comprehensive program for teaching the braille code. The sequence for introducing the braille symbols has been organized into 56 clusters of letters, numerals, wordsigns, strong contractions, groupsigns, shortform words, initial-letter contractions, punctuation indicators, and special symbols, with specific clusters devoted to reading practice. Within each cluster an extensive set of instructional materials is provided. Also included are a Pre-Braille Evaluation, two Braille Evaluations, ideas for tracking practice and ideas for games. All lessons include the following instructional components: review of three previous clusters ; introduction of new symbol(s) ; discrimination of new symbol(s) ; listening activities ; literature activities ; reading activities ; writing activities.
11 sets (each with teacher's guide plus 5 student books)

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