Vision Impairment Staff

Brenda Jager

Direct line: 907.334.1325

Brenda has worked at SESA for 17 years. She specializes in children with visual impairment and children with multiple disabilities. At Michigan State University she earned a MA in education of children with blindness/visual impairment and multiple disablities. After working at SESA she left to go to The University of Arizona to obtain her Ed.S. in Orientation and Mobility.

Andrea Story

Direct line: 907.334.1339

Andrea is in her 25th year of working at SESA. The first 22 years were with the Blind/Visually Impaired Infant Learning Program and the last years with the Vision Impairment Program. Andrea completed her bachelors of science in the education of children with blindness/vision impairment and Orientation & Mobility instructor at Stephen F. Austin State University.