Start to Finish Books

Start to Finish Books and Literacy Starters from Don Johnston

These sets have all been updated to the current versions. They have a print book, a computer book, an audio book (CD-ROM), and a teacher’s guide.

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Classic Adventures
1 SFTW Stevens Treasure Island
2 SFTW Crane Red badge of courage
3 SFTW Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
4 SFTW Montgo Anne of Green Gables
5 SFTW Alcott Little women
6 SFTW Sewell Black Beauty

Classic Literature
1 SFTW 822.33 Shakesp Romeo and Juliet
2 SFTW 822.33 Shakesp King Lear
3 SFTW 822.33 Shakesp Macbeth
4 SFTW Dickens A Christmas Carol
5 SFTW Shelle Frankenstein
6 SFTW Twain The Prince and the pauper

Famous Short Stories
1 SFTW Poe Edgar Allan Poe collection
2 SFTW London Jack London collection
3 SFTW Twain Mark Twain collection

Overcoming the Odds (Sports)
1 SFTW 796.357092 Bergez Home run heroes
2 SFTW 796.42092 Venabl Flo Jo : the story of Florence Griffith Joyner
3 SFTW 796.83092 Venabl Ali : the greatest
4 SFTW 796.323092 Venabl Wilt Chamberlain : NBA giant
5 SFTW 796.357092 Bergez Jackie Robinson and the American dream
6 SFTW 796.0924 Bergez Jim Thorpe : athlete of the 20th century

A Step into History
1 SFTW 323.092 Major Rosa Parks
2 SFTW 326.0924 Major Frederick Douglass : a hero for all times
3 SFTW 305.5670924 Venabl Harriet Tubman : the Moses of her people
4 SFTW 331.8813092 Venabl On strike! : the story of Cesar Chavez
5 SFTW 304.873 Garcia Border crossing
6 SFTW 923.273 Garcia I am Vallejo!
7 SFTW 940.53492 Venable The story of Anne Frank
8 SFTW 940.544973 Chu The Tuskegee Airmen
9 SFTW 940.547273 Chu The Japanese Americans : prisoners at home

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries
1 SFTW Doyle The Adventure of the Speckled Band
2 SFTW Doyle Silver blaze
3 SFTW Doyle A scandal in Bohemia

Nick Ford Mysteries
1 SFTW Stemac Grave Robber : mystery in Missouri
2 SFTW Stemac Crossbow Killer : mystery at Yellowstone
3 SFTW Stemac Alcatraz, the rock
4 SFTW Stemac The Night of the Loch Ness monster
5 SFTW Stemac Big Ben is dead
6 SFTW Stemac The Secret of Old Mexico
Natural Disasters
1 SFTW 551.22 Chu Earthquake!
2 SFTW 551.552 Venabl Hurricane!
3 SFTW 551.21 Chu Liddy and the volcanoes

Don Johnston Literacy Starters:
These kits have teacher materials on CD, books on CD, books in print format, teacher's guide and vocabulary cards.
SFTW 372.41 Start Plants Plants : science & surroundings
SFTW 372.41 Start Sports Sports : safety and success
SFTW 372.41 Start Recycl Recycling : cash in the trash
SFTW 372.41 Start Life Life cycles : birth & beyond
SFTW 372.41 Start Volcan Volcanoes : force & fury
SFTW 372.41 Start Early Early settlers : changes & challenges

Last updated 10/12/2011