Arts for Students with Special Needs

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This list includes materials on how arts can be adapted or used in education for students with special needs.


Access to academics for all students : critical approaches to inclusive curriculum, instruction, and policy edited by Paula Kluth, Diana M. Straut, Douglas P. Biklen.
L. Erlbaum Associates, 2003.
Description: Access to academics for all students / Paula Kluth, Douglas P. Biklen, and Diana M. Straut -- Toward standards for diverse learners : examining assumptions / Paula Kluth and Diana M. Straut -- Academic access and the family / Tracy Knight -- Seeing all students as literate / Kelly Chandler-Olcott -- Equity for all learners of mathematics : is access enough? / Susana M. Davidenko and Patricia P. Tinto -- Accessing power through intentional social studies instruction : every day for every student / Diana M. Straut and Kevin Colleary -- Auto mechanics in the physics lab : science education for all / John W. Tillotson and Paula Kluth -- Providing access to arts education : an illustration through music / Katia Madsen -- In the pool, on the stage, and at the concert : access to academics beyond the classroom walls / Mara Sapon-Shevin and Paula Kluth -- Academics, access, and action / Douglas P. Biklen, Diana M. Straut, and Paula Kluth.


Acting antics : a theatrical approach to teaching social understanding to kids and teens with Asperger syndrome Cindy B. Schneider.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2007.
Description: "This fun and inspiring step-by-step program provides the full set of tools for developing social understanding in children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) through drama. Cindy B. Schneider explains how the central processes in acting - including making and interpreting inferences from non-verbal cues, taking another's perspective, and formulating language - can be highly effective ways of addressing social cognition deficits in children with AS. Acting Antics contains a wide repertoire of activities and ideas for immediate application at home, in the classroom, in therapy workshops or social groups, ranging from initial warm up techniques, through paired activities, to larger group scenes and staging a show. Helpful appendices provide questionnaire forms to enable both the child and the program leader to assess and monitor the child's understanding of their roles, along with reproducible scripts and suitable scene designs. This complete, practical program provides a wealth of enjoyable educational ideas for parents, teachers, and therapists of children with Asperger Syndrome."--Publisher's website.


Applause! : activities for building confidence through dramatic arts Linda Suzanne Salmon.
Zephyr Press, c1992.


Art : basic for young children Lila Lasky and Rose Mukerji.
National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2008, c1980.

Description: Full of examples of how art can instill confidence, communication, and creativity in young children by increasing sensitivity to the physical environment, offering new ways to express feelings, and enhancing awareness of individuality. Includes a practical overview of possible materials ranging from finger paint to plaster and outlines exciting project ideas for fostering creativity.


Art beyond sight : a resource guide to art, creativity, and visual impairment edited by Elisabeth Salzhauer Axel and Nina Sobol Levent.
AFB Press, c2003.
Description: "...provides vital information on all aspects of exploring art and creativity by people who are blind or visually impaired. Developed by Art Education for the Blind, fully illustrated manual is the result of a decade-long international collaboration among researchers, art educators, teachers of visually impaired students, psychologists, museum professionals, and blind and sighted art enthusiasts. Includes a section of reproducible pages for classroom or workshop activities."


Art for me, too! Pat Mervine, Michele Burton, and Lynn Wood.
Mayer-Johnson Co., c1996.
Description: Book has 45 art projects for hands-on, multisensory learning; has adaptations for children with special needs; arranged by school calendar, and can be used with I can cook, too! (cataloged separately).


Art not by eye : the previously sighted visually impaired adult in fine arts programs Yasha Lisenco.
American Foundation for the Blind, Inc., c1971.

Description: "... deals with avenues for adventitiously blind adult, and the blind and severely visually impaired adults in the art program."


Art history through touch & sound : a multisensory guide for the blind and visually impaired.

American Printing House for the Blind, c2000.
Description: audio cassettes and manual. Six volumes cover different eras and parts of the world.


Arts & crafts for the visually impaired : a manual on how to teach ceramics, leathercraft, mosaic tile, macrame, off loom weaving, basketry, and sewing to the blind compiled by Carolyn Ramage. Rev.
Braille Institute, 1979, c1978.


The blind can mould : a record of my 30 years blind education on moulding Shiro Fukurai.
S. Fukurai, 2003.
Description: Shows art works in modeled clay done by students who are blind.
Braille Music We have titles on teaching braille music notation, piano lesson books, and a few music books. These are not in UEB. Please contact the library for more information.


Brain injury rewiring for survivors : a lifeline to new connections Carolyn E. Dolen ; foreword by Christine A. Baser.
Idyll Arbor, c2010.
Description: Learn how to rewire spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, physically, socially, and vocationally. This book has simple, doable solutions for recovery, as well as suggestions on how to get the most out of traditional and complementary medicine and the food you eat. The arts are one element discussed.


Bringing out the giftedness in your child : nurturing every child's unique strengths, talents, and potential Rita Dunn, Kenneth Dunn, Donald Treffinger.
John Wiley & Sons, c1992.
Description: Emphasizing a child's potential rather than any static or quantified definition of ``gifted'', it asks the question: ``How is your child talented''? This should challenge parents to examine their child and what they really know about his or her strengths, talents, needs and sustained interests, so that they can respond in appropriate and stimulating ways. Helps parents find the child's strengths and potential, shows how to use the home environment for nurturing and stimulation, how to choose and cooperate with teachers, how to select activities or games, how the parents' own behavior influences a child toward fulfilling its potential and how to determine a child's unique learning style.


Climbing art obstacles in autism : teaching visual-motor skills through visually structured art activities Karen Loden Talmage ; Vickie Dobrofsky.
Tasks Galore Pub. Co., 2007.
Description: This book includes: art activities tied to early learning themes, projects that incorporate visual-motor skills, many colorful photos that depict logical sequences of steps, checklists to assist students in collecting needed materials, and detachable pages for easy use in special needs or inclusion classrooms.


Color by texture marking mats designed by Karen J. Poppe.
American Printing House for the Blind, c2016.
Description: "These fun, educational textured mats facilitate a variety of art activities for young children and students who are visually impaired and blind. Color-by-Texture Marking Mats include an assortment of textured mats which encourage students to independently select embellishments for their personal artwork and coloring pages, as well as for art creations made with clay, foil, and more! The primary goal of this product is to invite tactile learners to be active participants in art activities by making their own choices based on color and texture preferences. The textured mats and related items can also be used by adults for more sophisticated art creations. The kit is ideal for promoting shared art experiences within a variety of instructional settings with sighted peers. How to Use: Place a chosen mat underneath a coloring page and rub with a waxed crayon. A wider assortment of textures and shapes can be generated by using different coloring techniques as described in the accompanying instruction booklet. The coloring pages incorporate large blank areas that will capture the rubbed pattern(s). To create a stable working surface, insert a textured coloring mat into the provided non-skid tray and place the coloring page on top. The textured mats can also be used in combination with quick-drying clay, modeling compound, or heavy-gauge diagramming foil."--APH website.

Crafty Two

Crafty graphics kit II.
American Printing House for the Blind, [2005?]
Description: A supplement to the original Crafty Graphics kit. Works better with waxed paper used over the stencil.

BVI 34

Crafty graphics stencil embossing kit.
American Printing House for the Blind, [2001?]
Description: "Create your own embossed graphics using this handy, fun kit of tools designed for dry pressure embossing. This kit contains stencils, embossing tools, and other items needed to create tactile graphics by dry pressure embossing. You supply your own light source to place underneath sheets to be embossed (for example, APH's Mini-Lite Box or natural light). The types of graphics you can create are almost infinite, including graphs, clock faces, cards, flash cards, street maps, flowcharts, etc."--APH website. Works better with waxed paper used over the stencil.


Creative art for learning Merle B. Karnes.
Council for Exceptional Children, c1979.
Description: The book presents a creative art program for preschool children that utilizes art as a vehicle to develop many desirable behaviors -- social, emotional, and intellectual. A total of 45 art activities are described, organized under the headings "Exploration--Seeing and Feeling" (including seeing and feeling different textures, and seeing repeating lines and shapes), "Painting and Drawing" (including painting on a transparent surface and drawing a picture with chalk), "Printmaking" (including making a vaseline monoprint and creating a picture from a printing plate), "Sculpture" (including making a junk sculpture and making a papier mache relief sculpture), and "Crafts/Mixed Media" (including making a scrap collage and making a paper bag puppet). Along with each activity description is included a list of materials needed, possible concepts to be learned, skills involved, time required, demonstration procedure, and suggested subjects for additional art activities. (DLS)


The creative classroom : a guide for using creative drama in the classroom, preK-6 written and compiled by Lenore Blank Kelner.Heinemann, Ã1993.
Description: The Creative Classroom provides teachers in grades PreK-6 with a number of creative drama strategies for use in the classroom, on a daily basis and across the curriculum--Cover.


The creative curriculum for preschool Diane Trister Dodge, Laura J. Colker, Cate Heroman. 4th ed.
Teaching Strategies, c2002.
Description: The Creative Curriculum balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. This completely updated new edition of one of the country's leading research-based preschool curricula applies the latest theory and research on best practices in teaching and learning and the content standards developed by states and professional organizations. While keeping the original environmentally-based approach of earlier editions, The Creative Curriculum for Preschool clearly defines the teacher's vital role in connecting content, teaching, and learning for preschool children. It features goals and objectives linked directly to our valid and reliable assessment instrument (The Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum for Ages 3-5).


Color, cut, paste and read books. (series)
Slater Software, c1995.
Description: Interactive book kit has instructions (with activities, reading levels, vocabulary lists, communication board), booklet describing the principles and philosophies of interactive books, and an interactive book that can be colored, read and manipulated by the student to demonstrate comprehension of sequencing, problem solving, etc.
There are nine different titles in this series.


Cut, color, trace & paste rebus stories Ages 5+, special learners : 38 "fold-it" predictable rebus stories that combine reading and fine motor skills Sherrill B. Flora ; illustrated by Julie Anderson.
Key Education, c2012.
Description: Combine reading and fine-motor skills with special-education students in grades PD-2 using Cut, Color, Trace, and Paste Rebus Stories. This 64-page resource is filled with fun reproducible activities that allow students to practice 50 essential sight words by making 38 storybooks.Ages 5+, special learners.


Danceland [sound recording] : fun songs & activities to improve sensory skills [Aubrey Lande, musical host].
Sensory Resources, [2002]
Description: Fly aboard an imaginary airplane to the "exotic continent of musicality," exploring all the sensory-motor activities hidden in Danceland. Polka to an authentic Krakowiak, or have kids choreograph their own movements to singer Laura Dart's Touch the Earth. Kids can croon karaoke style to an uproarious re- make of the 60's hit Wild Thing or had a Kwanzaa party to Wisdom of Africa. The Travel Guide, written by developmental dance specialists, contains safe and sound activities for all ages and abilities. Imagine the fun you can have making fitness into a creative adventure!


Dancing colors [realia].
Sportime, [1994]
Description: Sheer nylon scarves that serve as colorful, appealing and creative props for children for movement, drama, and dancing activities.


Draftsman : tactile drawing board.
American Printing House for the Blind, [2006].
Description: The Draftsman is a versatile tactile drawing board that is used in combination with special film and a ballpoint pen or stylus to create instant raised-line images. Intended for a wide audience, such as students, teachers, parents, and adults with blindness, the Draftsman can be used for a variety of applications such as: simple raised-line graphics, demonstrating math concepts and tasks, demonstrating science concepts, practicing handwriting skills and leaving messages, playing interactive games, facilitating tracing, and art projects.

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Drawing autism Jill Mullin ; with a foreword by Temple Grandin.
Akashic Books, [2014]
Description: Featuring artwork by: Kay Aitch, Milda Bandzaitâe, David Barth, Shawn Belanger, Gregory L. Blackstock, J.W. Bridges, Esther J. Brokaw, Susan Brown, Justin Canha, Westley Cedeno, Vrinda Chaswal, Eric Chen, Bailey Clark, Marilyn Cosho, Marcy Deutsch, Wout Devolder, Noah Erenberg, Trisha Ferguson, Temple Grandin, Zach Hamm, Alexandra Hill, Kevin Hosseini, Barry Kahn, James Kenneally, Wil C. Kerner, Amanda Lamunyon, Stephen Mallon, Rachel Marks, Robert Maxwell, Michale P. McManmon, Shelby Rae McSweeney, Eleni Michael, Ted Mouris, Daniel G. Muller, Jessica Park, Daniel Pout, Vedhas Rangan, Orko Ro, Glen Russ, Noah Schneider, Steven Sandor Selpal, Rohan Sonalkar, D.J. Svoboda, Charles D. Topping, Emily L. Williams, and John M. Williams.

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Getting kids in sync with SAFE* activities [videorecording (DVD)] : *sensory-motor, appropriate, fun, and easy
Sensory Resources, c2006.
Description: Carol S. Kranowitz demonstrates activities that help children of all abilities to develop their bodies and integrate their senses.


The good tactile graphic [videorecording (DVD)] ; Creating the good tactile graphic project director, Fred Otto ; author, Wanda Pierce ; produced and directed by Impact Impressions.
American Printing House for the Blind, 1998.
Description: Booklet includes specific design principles, references, and samples of some of the tactile graphics shown in the videos.


Guidelines and standards for tactile graphics, 2010 developed as a joint project of the Braille Authority of North America and the Canadian Braille Authority, L'Autorite Canadienne du Braille.
American Printing House for the Blind, c2011.
Description: The purpose of these guidelines and standards is to provide transcribers, educators, and producers with information about best practices, current methods, and design principles for the production of readable tactile graphics.


The inclusive early childhood classroom : easy ways to adapt learning centers for all children Patti Gould and Joyce Sullivan ; illustrations by Joan Waites ; photographs by Paul Baskett.
Gryphon House, c1999.
Description: "All children require nurturing and stimulating learning environments, but typical early childhood classrooms should be modified for children with special needs. The Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom is written to help teachers look at classroom design in a new way and suggests different ways of approaching activities to help children with special needs become successful. By modifying the classroom and activities, all children will be actively engaged. Each chapter focuses on either a learning center, such as art or science, or a time of the day, such as snack time or dismissal, with particular attention to the needs of children who are developmentally delayed, orthopedically impaired, have autism/Pervasive Development Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, behavioral issues, motor planning problems, or visual impairments."--publisher's website.

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Magic with music [videorecording (DVD)] : building children's communication through songs and rhymes [written and directed by Michelle Lintott].
Hanen Centre, c2006.
"Parents and caregivers have so much to offer their children when it comes to early learning. The 3A approach makes sharing songs and rhymes a great way to enrich a child's social, language and early literacy development ... Allow your child to lead the way. Discover what your child is interested in and is ready to learn. Adapt to share the moment. Encourage your child to be an active participant to enrich learning. Add information to build words and understanding. Make language and learning fun and meaningful ... Enjoy eighteen interactive songs and rhymes together with your child. Sing a song, share a rhyme and make the learning fun ... "--Container.


Making and managing money with Alaskan arts and crafts [by Mildred Matthews ; assisted by William Scarborough]
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Alaska, [1975]


More than painting : exploring the wonders of art in preschool and kindergarten Sally Moomaw and Brenda Hieronymus.
Redleaf Press ; Distributed by Gryphon House, c1999.]
Description: Chapters include how to talk with children about their art, how to recognize the stages in a child's artistic development and how to discuss ideas with peers to provide even more possibilities in art curriculum -- from cover.

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(Book version is also available.)

More than words [videorecording (DVD)] : promoting the communication development of children with autism spectrum disorder and other social communication challenges the Hanen Program ; writer and director, Fern Sussman.
Hanen Centre, 2008.
Description: Viewing the program makes it possible for parents to immediately apply research-based strategies that are clearly demonstrated with daily routines, play, book reading and music activities, in order to foster their children's communication skills.
We also have a book version of this information


A moving experience : dance for lovers of children and the child within Teresa Benzwie ; illustrated by Robert Bender.
Zephyr Press, 1988, c1987.
Description: Range -- Space -- Rhythm -- Name games -- Language -- Communication -- Movement games and warm ups -- Sculpting -- Art and movement -- Music and movement -- Fantasy -- Props.


Movement education : a program for young children ages 2 to 7 June Gustafson Munro ; illustrated by Andrew D. Munro.
MDEA Press, c1985.
Description: "The activities in this book are valuable for children in many settings: school, preschool, day care, after-school and recreational programs, gifted and special education, pre-dance and pre-gymnastics, hospital settings, camps and at home with parents. These activities can be used during movement time, music time, on the playground, as a supplement to the PE program and after recess to center the children."


Music mania [electronic resource] : take and teach language kit.
Aimee Solutions, c2003.
Description: "Up to 4 weeks of language instruction at your fingertips; Thematic Learning Unit format provides multiple opportunities for repetition and practice; Proven instructional strategies conform to Universal Design for Learning; Easily adapted materials encourage student independence and success; Can be used by all members of the educational team; Each component addresses State Learning Standards."--Publisher's website.For students with moderate to severe language and learning challenges. System requirements: Adobe Reader. Interactive book requires IntelliTools Classroom Suite.


Musical touch [toy] : create music and sounds by tapping the skin of your co-players.
Small World Toys ; Neurosmith, c2012.
Description: "... a fun way to create music and animal sounds by tapping the skin of your fellow players. Each player (up to 4 total) places their thumb on one of the metal spots which is the music pad. Then you place your other fingers somewhere on the skin of a fellow player like their face or fingers to hear the sounds or music depending on which setting you have placed it on. This ... is great for travel and can also be used at parties or as an ice breaker. ...contains: 8 classical melodies, 7 percussion sounds and 7 animal sounds."-- publisher's website. Takes 3 AAA batteries.


My art spinner. Alex Toys, c2004.
Description: Never make the same picture twice! Squeezing the handle spins the paper; dripping the paint inside splashes it in all directions. Splash guard helps keep the paint on the paper. Ages 6 and up.


Organic crafts : 75 Earth-friendly art activities Kimberly Monaghan.
Chicago Review Press, c2007.

Description: Learn with fun-filled craft activities about reusing, reducing, and recycling. Ages 6-9.


The out-of-sync child : recognizing and coping with sensory processing disorder Carol Stock Kranowitz.
A Skylight Press Book/A Perigee Book, 2005.
Description: Provides an overview of Sensory Integration Dysfunction, discussing how it affects children's behavior; and features criteria and guidance for getting a diagnosis and treatment, as well as advice on how parents can deal with the problem at home.
Some activities use music and movement. The library has other books and DVDs by this author.


Paint pot palette [kit] : creating art through touch [drawn images by] Dawn Smiddy, art instructor.
American Printing House for the Blind ; Playability Toys ; Special Toys for Special Kids, [2012]
Description: "... includes a set of custom-made, whimsical drawings -- by San Francisco artist Debi Harrison -- titled Color SENSEation. The pictures are printed and embossed on heavy paper; each picture is titled in print and braille. The embossed lines make it easy to trace the subjects with the fingers and then follow with a crayon or paint brush -- this makes it easier for beginning artists to learn to color and paint. Paint Pot Palette, when used with Color SENSEation: teaches color concepts ; encourages visual and tactile exploration ; teaches shape recognition ; provides braille practice ; develops fine motor skills ; promotes individual expression ; encourages social engagement."--APH website.


Pick me up! : fun songs for learning signs [written by Robert Berg, Joseph Garcia, Judith Anderson-Wright ; with contributions from Linda Easton-Waller ; edited by Bob Tarcea, Lee Stucker].
Sign2Me/Northlight Communications, 2003.
Description: "Developed for hearing children, educators, and parents"--Cover.Audience: Recommended for use with children 7 months to 7 years and older.


Picture Maker : Wheatley tactile diagramming kit
American Printing House for the Blind, c2000.
Description: Materials may be used to make tactile maps, diagrams, charts or pictures. Guidebook has both print and braille instructions.


Play & learn : a preschool curriculum for children of all abilities Mary J. Sullivan Coleman and Laura Krueger.
AbleNet, c2009.
Description: "...a 12-month preschool curriculum specifically developed for children of ALL abilities! ... equips students with the essential "readiness skills" that every student needs as they enter kindergarten. Reading ,writing, and communication are integrated into lessons that help children explore new goals and meet IEP objectives through: Social Interaction, Structure & Repetition, Motivation, Music & Movement. ... 300 pages of theme-based activities that are highly engaging and relevant to young children. Each activity includes a "Try Another Way" option that utilizes simple assistive technology so all students can participate, communicate, and learn."--Publisher's website.

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Play to grow! : over 200 games designed to help your special child develop fundamental social skills Tali F. Berman and Abby Rappaport ; [foreword by Jenny McCarthy]
Meir Autism Treatment Center, c2013.
Description: "Over 200 games designed to help your special child develop fundamental social skills ... for parents and professionals to help promote meaningful social interaction for children with autism or other developmental delays. The games are divided according to five stages of development and each game addresses a very specific goal within each stage. All of the games are tried-and-true, kid and parent tested, and are designed to inspire any child with common motivators, such as: humor, anticipation, music and physical stimulation. Many games also have tips and variations so it can be adapted for children with different interests. ... it is also a guide for parents and professionals on how to execute the games effectively."


Playing, laughing, and learning with children on the autism spectrum : a practical resource of play ideas for parents and carers Julia Moor.
Jessica Kingsley Pub., c2002.
Description: Parents of young children newly diagnosed as on the autism spectrum are often at a loss for ideas about how best to help their child. Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum is not just a collection of play ideas; it shows how to break down activities into manageable stages, and looks at ways to gain a child's attention and motivation and to build on small achievements. Each chapter covers a collection of ideas around a theme, including music, art, physical activities, playing outdoors, puzzles, turn-taking and using existing toys to create play sequences. There are also chapters on introducing reading and making the most of television. This updated second edition contains an extensive chapter on how to use the computer, the internet and the digital camera to find and make resources and activities, and suggests many suitable websites to help parents through the internet maze. The ideas are useful both for toddlers and primary age children who are still struggling with play.

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Portable stereo radio CD player [realia].
Naxa Electronics Inc. ; modified and distributed by Enabling Devices, [2013]
Description: "Portable CD Player with AM/FM Radio has been adapted to allow you to activate the CD or radio function with your capability switch. Simply plug your capability switch into the radio jack to play music or plug your switch into the CD jack to play and pause your favorite CD. The radio function requires continuous switch activation to play. This full function top-loading CD play has full range stereo speakers with digital LED displays. Easily fits on wheelchair trays."--Enabling Devices website.


Ready, set, relax : a research-based program of relaxation, learning, and self-esteem for children Jeffrey S. Allen and Roger J. Klein.
Inner Coaching, c1996.
Description: "This fully researched program is used across the country by teachers, counselors, parents, and medical professionals as a preventive tool and intervention strategy. Easy to use and includes follow-up activities and discussion questions. ... is based on a two year research project teaching children 5 to 12 years old positive self-talk, relaxation and cognitive coping strategies. The objectives of the program include: 1. Teaching children the role of anxiety and relaxation and recognizing the physical signs of stress ; 2. Helping children identify the stressors in their lives and equipping them with problem solving responses and skills to initiate the relaxation response ; 3. Developing an appreciation of healing music. Results of the two year pilot program indicated significant gains in the experimental groupÕs achievement scores and self-esteem and significant decreases in self-report of depression and anxiety."--Publisher's website.


Relaxation & meditation with music & nature [sound recording] : ocean dreams.
LaserLight, p1993.
Description: Relax with natural sounds from ocean dreams. Ocean dreams invokes the restful sounds of waves that can be heard when near a bay or ocean cove. These inlet sounds are alive with the sounds of water as it splashes amongst the large rocks and pebbles that make up the beach, as well as the playful cries of sea gulls and other birds that call the land near these coastal waters their home.


Resources for creative teaching in early childhood education Bonnie Mack Flemming, Darlene Softley Hamilton ; songs and parodies, JoAnne Deal Hicks.
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1977.
Description: This resource handbook is designed as a reliable compilation of curriculum ideas that can be used by early childhood educators everywhere -- student teachers, paraprofessionals, in-service teachers, college instructors, and especially parents. It provides Early Childhood Educators with the means to plan for and develop a curriculum in which children individually and in groups can learn through a wide range of experiences


Rhythms of learning : creative tools for developing lifelong skills Chris Brewer, Don G. Campbell.
Zephyr Press, c1991.
Description: "... 75 activities. ... Promote a learning environment that is non-stressful and focused by using music to help learners synchronise their brains and bodies. Specific activities for teachers precede and complement the student activities."


Signing time! songs.
Two Little Hands Productions.
Description: Different versions are available. The songs are used to enhance the teaching of sign language.


The Simtech early literacy bundle [electronic resource] : Everybody has feet ; Sharon won't share ; I hate peas.
Marblesoft-Simtech, c2001-2010.
Description: "In Sing-Along mode the player learns to start and stop the music and animation while they sing along. In Explore-A-Story mode the player explores and controls the story as it is read aloud, either word-by-word or line-by-line. Stories can be played using text or Picture Communication Symbols. Each story includes printable PDF story books, coloring books and sheet music. Everybody Has Feet is a funny story that teaches us that everybody does have feet - well, almost everybody! Sharon Won't Share teaches the result of sharing with others - or not. I Hate Peas is a funny story about three kids who will eat anything you put on their plate, except peas."--publisher's website.


Singing sounds [sound recording (CD)] Cathy Bollinger.
Rivana ; EduFun Productions, 1997.
Description: Presents letter sounds as a sing-a-long activity. Ages 2-7.
Bobby Baker's band -- Gosh by golly I giggled -- Fee fi fo fum -- Pots and pans -- Don't you dare -- Tiny Tim -- Leo the lion -- I want to sit -- I have a little cat -- Stuart the snake -- rhythm & rhyme -- Rain rain rolling down.


Singing words [sound recording] : what? where? when? who? Cathy Bollinger.
EduFun Productions. 2002.
Description: Presents letter sounds as a sing-a-long activity. Ages 2-7.
Contents: A good best friend (pronouns) -- The what song -- The where song -- The who song -- The why song -- Leo the lazy lion ("L" sounds) -- The how song (sequencing) -- The when song -- Under the bed (prepositions) -- Eleanor Isabelle Grey (pronoun) -- So many things (verbs) -- Fly on home ("L" blends).

AI Reserve

Songames for sensory processing : 25 therapist-created musical activities for improving fine & gross-motor skills, muscle strength and rhythmicity Aubrey Lande, MS, OTR; Bob Wiz, Lois Hickman and friends.
Sensory World / Future Horizons, c2010.
Description: Fun and engaging for kids ages 3-8, Songames are musical activities for improving fine-and gross-motor skills, muscle strength, and rhythmicity. These 25 therapist-created Songames offer a world of developmental play activities. Plus, the 80 page full color companion book explains how to use music to enhance specific skills, provides a comprehensive list of resources, and triples the number of therapeutic ways to use the games! Featuring great rhythms and instrumentation from African Kora, to Imbira, to the artful piano music of Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Art Lande, kids will want to play Songames over and over again! -- Publisher's description.


Switch accessible boombox [electronic resource].
Judy Lynn Software, Inc., c2009.
Description: Program allows a user to utilize a virtual stereo (boombox). Play your favorite songs or video clips (MP3, WMA, WAV, and MID files) through this boombox. The buttons on the boombox are pressed using one switch with timed scanning, two switches with step scanning or directly pressing them with a touch window or mouse. Optionally, auditory scanning of the buttons can be turned on. Settings may be customized.


Switch ensemble [electronic file].
Switch In Time, 2008.
Description: Switch ensemble enables children to actively participate in exciting musical activities using your existing adaptive computer equipment (such as switches or an Intellikeys keyboard) and the powerful music and sound capabilities of your computer. Over 90 songs and activities; authoring tools to create more activities; allows groups of students with mixed abilities to play together in a cooperative setting; a tool for the facilitation of motor, cognitive and social development.


Switch jam [electronic file].
Switch In Time, 2006.
Description: Switch ensemble enables children to actively participate in exciting musical activities using your existing adaptive computer equipment (such as switches or an Intellikeys keyboard) and the powerful music and sound capabilities of your computer. Can use switches or IntelliKeys; authoring tools to create more activities; allows groups of students with mixed abilities to play together in a cooperative setting; a tool for the facilitation of motor, cognitive and social development.


Tasks galore Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey.
Tasks Galore, c2003.
Description: Has pages of tasks that address skills in the categories of fine motor skills (pre-writing, writing, computerskills), readiness (matching and sorting skills), language arts (book, print and phonemic awareness, decoding and word recognition, comprehension and vocabulary), math (number sense, numeration, numerical operations, spatial sense, measurement, patterns, relationships, and functions), reasoning (concepts as related to the students environment: exploring materials, making predictions, generating attributes and using common objects), play (art, music, manipulatives, games and independent play).


Tasks galore : making groups meaningful Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey.
Tasks Galore, c2005.
Description: "Full-color photographs help teachers, parents, and therapists apply structured teaching techniques to classroom groups and school specialties (music, dance, and physical education), as well as to home parties."--Cover.


Teaching Asperger's students social skills through acting : all their world's a stage! Amelia Davies.
Future Horizons, c2004.
Description: Provides an easy to follow, step-by-step drama curriculum specifically for parents and professionals without backgrounds in acting. John Stamm's humorous plays at the end of the book are take-offs of children's fairy tales.


Time to sign with music : infant/toddler
Time to Sign, Inc., c2003.
Description: A book illustrated with American Sign Language signs for for common terms found in 16 songs for young children, with an accompanying CD of the songs.


Thread wrapper [kit].
Crayola, c2015.
Description: "Wrap Anything Imaginable with Custom Color Thread: ... lets you add your own layer of style to accessories and gadgets you already have. The motorized threading machine spins thread around your favorite art supplies, fashion accessories, and more. You'll love upcycling old gear and giving it a bold new colorful wrap. Create custom color thread and further embellish your threaded creations using the included fabric marker. Wrap Fashion Accessories, Art Supplies, and More: Thanks to the Thread Wrapper, your gear won't look just like everyone else's. Creatively express your own unique style through your thread wraps by adding creative embellishments to your headphones, pens, hairbrushes, sunglasses, and more. Any object up to 1.15 inch in diameter can be wrapped. When you're ready for a new design, just insert new thread colors and start again. Color and Decorate Your Threaded Creations: You can use the included fabric marker to decorate your thread wrap creations. Design bracelets, anklets, and necklaces by wrapping thread around elastic cords. Then, add designs and patterns, or write a special note on your customized accessory with the included red fabric marker. A special attachment on the Thread Wrapper even lets you use any Crayola fine-line fabric marker (sold separately) to add vibrant, custom hues to light-colored thread. Repurpose, Rethread, Reuse:The Thread Wrapper comes with a re-threading attachment for endless wrapping creativity. Use the attachment to transfer thread from any standard spool to one of the two included Crayola bobbins--or simply transfer to one of the other included spools once they've run out of thread. "--publisher website.


Time for art Gail Cawley Showalter.
American Printing House for the Blind, 2002.
Description: "Students with visual impairments seldom are aware of, or involved in, the construction of anything, so the basic steps in construction usually are not familiar to them...there is no substitute for the hands-on experience of forming a creative piece"


Time to sing [sound recording(CD)] : sing-along fun made easy! music arranged, programmed, and conducted by Michael Moricz ; produced by Michael Moricz.
Center for Creative Play, 2000.
Description: Presents letter sounds as a sing-a-long activity. Ages 2-7.
Contents: Wheels on the Bus (2:10) -- Aiken Drum (3:02) -- I Love You (2:10) -- Shake Your Sillies Out; (1:59) -- One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (1:29) -- Eentsy Wentsy Spider (3:11) -- Hokey Pokey (sing-along version) (3:27) -- Wibbely Wobbely Woo (2:10) -- Alphabet Song (3:26) -- Jack and Jill (2:24) -- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1:49) -- If You're Happy and You Know It (4:12) -- Baby Bumblebee (2:54) -- Pop Goes the Weasel (2:15) -- I'm a Little Teapot (1:41) -- Bingo (3:55) -- You Are Special (2:24) -- Apples and Bananas (2:22) -- Five Little Frogs (3:00) -- Old McDonald (5:43) -- Mister Su; (2:59) -- Head and Tummy (1:35) -- Ten Little Indians (1:35) -- Five Little Monkeys (2:33) -- Sing! (3:29) -- Hokey pokey (dance version) (3:27).

AI Reserve
Volume 1

Tuned in to learning Volume 1, Social skills & pragmatics for autism and related needs [kit] Michelle Lazar ; Jeremy Jensen.
Tuned in to learning, c2005.
Description: "An interactive music and multimedia program designed to accommodate the unique strengths and needs of children with autism and related disorders."--P. 1 of book. Ages 3-12.
The music CD is intended to be used in conjunction with the book. The DVD presents five songs from the music CD in slideshow format, and it also contains a "how to" video for using the program. The CD-ROM contains the five videos from the DVD and printable copies of sheet music and the visual aids from the book and sheet music.


Vibrating light with music [device]
Enabling Devices, Inc., 2009.
Description: Battery-operated device to help teach cause and effect. Vibrates, lights up and plays music when on. Takes 2 C batteries. Ages 3 years +, or as developmentally appropriate.


Wee sing : children's songs and fingerplays Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp ; illustrated by Nancy Klein.
Price/Stern/Sloan, 1985, c1979.
Description: Music and lyrics; some songs also have finger plays.


Wee sing : nursery rhymes & lullabies Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp ; illustrated by Nancy Spence Klein.
Price Stern Sloan, c1985.
Description: Music and lyrics.


Wee sing : silly songs Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp ; illustrated by Nancy Spence Klein.
Price/Stern/Sloan, 1986, c1982.
Description: Music and lyrics.

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