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All-turn-it spinner.

Description: Adapted game kit for ages 3 to adult.




AbleNet, [1996]

Blunders : we make learning manners fun!

Description: "Players laugh and learn as they help Becky, Bobby, Brenda and Billy Blunder move through Blunderville learning how to have nicer manners so that they will have more friends, do better in school, and get invited to the Mannerlys' annual pool party extravaganza!"--Back of box.



Successful Kids, Inc., c2008.


Description: Toy has push buttons in the shape of coins; has three games (counting, matching and coin-count).



ParentBanc, c1998.

Discovery box.

Description: Box has openings at either end. Place objects inside, and they can be explored by touch.



Distributed by Flaghouse, [199-?]

Geo form boards.

Description: "Unique design teaches the toddler the true nature of basic geometric shapes. The outer shape encourages grasping and tactile exploration of the linear geometric shape. The brightly colored concrete shape glued to the base board reinforces the understanding of what the geo shape represents as well as providing motor skills practice when matching and fitting shapes together."--Publisher's website.



TAG (Think & Grow), 200?

Jumbo textured shapes.

Description: Each shape has one side that is plain wood and one side that features both a unique color and a unique texture. Inlay board has braille overlays.



Lights, Camera, Interaction, 200?


Descriptiuon: Magnetic pieces in four colors can be arranged to form pictures.



Anatex Enterprises ; distributed by Constructive Playthings, [1994]


Description: Braille and large print version of the classic game.



Clovernook Printing House, [19--]

Never alone [game] = Kisima Ingitchuna.

Description: Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna): "Play as both Nuna and Fox. Switch between the two companions at any time with one button press, or play side by side in local co-op mode, as you rely on the unique skills of each character to succeed in your quest. Brave the harsh world of the Arctic. Only with the aid of Helping Spirits will Nuna and Fox have any chance of survival in a land where survival is impossible. Unlock fascinating video insights. Elders, storytellers, and other members of the Alaska Native community share stories and wisdom about their culture, values and the amazing Arctic world encountered by players in over 30 minutes of interviews. Hear the story of Girl and Fox as told by a master Iänupiat storyteller in the spoken Iänupiaq language -- a first for a commercial video game." Game is installed so that it may be tested by students.


G133 NeverAlone

Next dollar shopping.

Description: Game is a money-math game that helps students learn and practice an effective method for making purchases. Known as the next dollar strategy, this method involves looking at a price, rounding to the next-higher dollar amount when necessary, and paying that amount. Students who have difficulty transitioning between coin counting and making change benefit from the next dollar strategy. The fully illustrated game board provides students with opportunities to identify the next dollar amount needed to purchase items in "real-world" situations. The game can be adapted for students at various skill levels, making it appropriate for resource, inclusion, and regular classroom settings. It also provides an effective learning resource for ESOL students.



PCI Educational Publishing, 2003.

Real-world social skills.

Description: Uses role play and questions to develop basic social skills, understanding of feelings and unwritten rules, respect, acceptance of differences, compassion, honesty, responsibility, perseverence, cooperation, friendship, skills in dealing with bullies, and conflict resolution toward successful social development in children.



PCI Educational Pub., c2005.

Talking glowdice.

Description: Rolling a die goes accessible! Push the "Roll" button and a randomly generated number between one and six is announced in digital speech, as well as displayed in bright blue LEDs mimicking the standard dice pattern. A "Play Back" button allows for a repeat of the digital voice announcement of the number rolled. Takes four AAA batteries.



American Printing House for the Blind, [2002].

Treks the game that changes direction as you do!

Description: A two player game with variations. "... designed to be challenging, educational, and enjoyable. Like a good walk outdoors, it is full of variety. You can change the game to make the play simpler or add rules to make it more complex. And, as each game progresses, your strategy for winning can change! The goal of the game is to be the first player to move all five of your pieces (treksters) from your own home row into the opponent's home row across the board. After each move, you must announce the direction and the number of spaces moved by each trekster. For example: I moved this trekster four spaces east and this trekster one to the south. If you forget to make this announcement, your opponent may call out your omission and undo your move!"--publisher's website.



American Printing House for the Blind, c2010.

Web chase.

Description: This ... game provides a fun way for students to develop and practice tactile skills with all peers regardless of visual ability. Relying on both luck and skill, players move their spider-shaped playing pieces through the tactile web, collecting insect prey along the way. Concepts and skills developed include: Visual and tactile scanning; Identifying point symbols; Discriminating textures and shapes; One-to-one correspondence; Turn taking; Problem solving.



American Printing House for the Blind, [2004]

Games for Students with Hearing Impairments, sorted by title

Title Call Number Publication Information
CID SPICE for life an auditory learning curriculum / Julia West. 371.912 CID SPICE St. Louis, Mo. : Central Institute for the Deaf, 2012.
Hearing aid tic tac toe bingo 371.912 Hearing Raleigh, NC : Rule the School, c[2009]
HIFI (Hear It, Fix It) 371.912 HIFI WrightGames ; Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss, 2013.
Monkey talk communication challenges / 371.912 Monkey WrightGames ; Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss, 2009.
Rule the school [game] : A+ / [Monica Faherty] 371.912 Rule Rule the School, c[2008?]
What's the problem? a game to increase understanding of communication breakdown. 371.912 Whats Tampa, FL : Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss, c[2011]