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Here is a list of titles donated by Partners in Policymaking through funding from the Alaska Mental Health Trust. These titles include children's books and adult books, and cover topics such as child safety, social change and advocacy, grant writing, and more.

About the SESA Library

The SESA Library supports all of the programs and grants housed at SESA, so it includes information on special education and disabilities. The library provides information and equipment (including assistive devices) to SESA staff and the school districts SESA serves so they may assist the students on their caseload; and to anyone in the state of Alaska so they may help individuals with special needs, or have an opportunity to develop a better understanding of special needs.

Anyone in the state of Alaska may borrow materials (there are times when priority of loan goes to those working with children on the SESA caseload)

Loans are generally for 30 days (local, in the Anchorage area), or 60 days to the rest of Alaska, but it's possible to renew or extend loans. We can mail materials to you!

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Ebook Collection Now Available!

You can search ebooks in the library catalog (use the term "ebook" to bring up a list). To check out ebooks or to read online, click here. For the username and password, please contact Anne at, or call 907-334-1301. For more information, click here.

Special Collections

The Library has books. ebooks, videos, software, assessments, sound recordings and equipment (assistive technology) available.
AARC: The Alaska Autism Resource Center has a strong collection on autism spectrum disorders.
Dual Sensory Impairment: Materials written about dual-sensory impairment (impact of both vision and hearing loss) are rarely published, and SESA has a collection of materials on this topic.
Assistive technology devices to try include switches, communication devices, Braille materials, and others.

Library Resources By Subject

The library has almost 5,000 titles covering many special education topics. To help you get started, here is a list of library resources by subject.

New Library Materials

New materials are listed here each month.

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Library Materials Donated by Partners in Policymaking through funding from the Alaska Mental Health Trust

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