Guiding and Investing in New Special Educators

Guiding and Investing in New Special Educators Grant Ended in June, 2016

Alaska Social Skills Cards

GAINS (Guiding and Investing in New Special Educators) is a 5- year initiative to address the key problems of an inadequate supply of qualified, trained educational personnel to meet the needs of Alaska's special education population. SESA staff works with a component of the GAINS initiative that provides services to early childhood educators in rural, remote Alaskan School Districts, through mentoring and training of staff in best practices for early childhood education. SESA staff use research from both Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) and from Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) in their work with early childhood educators. The GAINS initiative works with school districts serving pre-school early childhood programs in the five regions of Alaska.

Academic & Social Emotional Teaching in Preschool

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Recommended Reading

Picture This : Photography Activities for Early Childhood Learning, by Susan Entz (second edition, Corwin, c2009) is a fun, filled early childhood book about ways to engage students in activities using photographs. This book is filled with illustrations and strategies to bring young learners into enjoying photography while learning about core subjects and social skills. This book is has activities for all learners; including learners with special needs. This book offers photography activities across 10 subject areas including emerging literacy, physical development, sensory exploration, social studies, math, science and drama.

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