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New DSI Materials

Bear hunt [braille and large print] retold by Suzette Wright ; illustrations by Solâene Nâegrerie. Les Doigts Qui Rãevent ; distributed by American Printing House for the Blind, Ã2017.
Description: "Rich tactile illustrations invite exploration and offer important learning opportunities for young children. "We're going on a Bear Hunt..." begins this award-winning* tactile version of the classic American chant, created for APH by Les Doigts Qui Rãevent (LDQR). The book is a wonderful romp through tactile landscapes that invite children on a multisensory expedition toward a bear's cave. As the reader journeys across the page, sliding a small token along a path, fingers encounter waving grass, a silken stream, a squishy marsh, trunks of trees, and slippery (You can hear it scrunch!) "snow." Feeling inside the cave reveals a furry face with big eyes, a soft nose-and sharp teeth! Children are sure to identify this quickly, then run for home, where they can open the door, lock it, and hide beneath the bedcovers. Each book's manufacture involves 30 minutes of sewing and additional hours to cut, shape and attach the diverse textures and objects that form the colorful collage style illustrations. In addition to tactually engaging and visually attractive illustrations, the print/braille text offers chances for children to say the repeated phrases and fun words (swish swish!, splish splash!, squish squash!) that are part of the chant's oral tradition. The repetition of positional words-over, under, across, through-supports concept development. Altogether, this is an exceptional book for building a foundation for early literacy and provides the perfect recipe to stir up a desire to read in young emergent and early braille readers, as well as readers of all ages and visual abilities." -- APH website
Parallel text, print and UEB braille.

Six little dots [print and braille] Philippe Claudet. les Doigts qui rãevent ; distributed in the U.S. by American Printing House for the Blind, Ã 2017.
Description: "Rich tactile illustrations invite exploration and offer important learning opportunities for young children. This children's storybook features charming text and tactile illustrations that invite exploration. "Meet Little Dot...he can hop from spot to spot!" begins this texture-rich book about braille fundamentals and the six most famous and versatile dots in all of literacy. Each 1/2 inch dot is a different and distinctive texture and color. Little Dot 1-sliding on elastic-even hops and moves about, exploring different dot positions along the way. The print/braille text introduces and names Dots 1 through 6, as they take their place in the braille cell. The last pages of the book provide a display and a game wheel for the child to turn to play "Which Little Dot Am I?" Six Little Dots was written by Philippe Claudet. It encourages fingertip texture discrimination and exposure to spatial concepts--top, middle, bottom, above, below, and under. For students ready to be introduced to dot positions and names, it offers a fun approach to this step in their learning. It is intended to be read aloud and shared with children ages three years and up who are visually impaired and blind. For emergent print readers, pictures act as an important bridge that supports the child in taking an active role in reading, as a listener and as a reader. Tactile illustrations in Six Little Dots serve this purpose. In addition, they offer critically important opportunities to build tactual exploration and discrimination skills. The book's text is provided in large print and contracted Unified English Braille (UEB)."--APH website.
Parallel text, print and UEB braille.

New Equipment

DreamWorks Troll DJ Suki Talkin' Troll [toy] HASBRO, 2015.
Description: Troll doll talks and makes sound effects. Inspired by DreamWorks Trolls movie. Switch adapted; takes 2 AAA batteries.

Children's Books

Baby Donald at the playground. Golden Book, 1986.
Description: Baby Donald Duck and his animal friends play on several pieces of equipment at the playground. On board pages.

New AARC Materials
AI Reserve
Spotlight on social skills, adolescent .Getting along by Carolyn LoGiudice and Paul F. Johnson. LinguiSystems, c2008.

AI Reserve
Spotlight on social skills, adolescent. Making social inferences by Carolyn LoGiudice and Paul F. Johnson. LinguiSystems, c008.
Description: Teach adolescents to glean information from a variety of sources to make accurate inferences about social situations and respond appropriately.

AI Reserve
Spotlight on social skills, adolescent. Conversations by Carolyn LoGiudice and Paul F. Johnson. LinguiSystems, c008.
Description: The activity pages are filled with graphic organizers and interesting photos. The lessons give students specific, clear directions that teach them to: •take turns speaking and listen apporpriately •use appropriate nonverbal behaviors •respond to conversation openers •initiate, maintain, and close conversations •handle shifts in conversation topics •request clarification and repair communication errors The activities teach conversation skills with these learning strategies: •explicit instruction •modeling •observation •discussion •role-playing •other guided practice.

AI Reserve
Spotlight on social skills, adolescent. Interpersonal negotiation by Carolyn LoGiudice and Paul F. Johnson. LinguiSystems, c008.
Description: Students learn important skills needed for negotiation and successful conflict management with personalized instruction and real-life content.

AI Reserve
Spotlight on social skills, adolescent. Nonverbal language by Carolyn LoGiudice and Paul F. Johnson. LinguiSystems, c008.
Description: Teach adolescents to become keen observers of nonverbal language and make accurate inferences using a variety of learning methods


Front of the class : how Tourette syndrome made me the teacher I never had Brad Cohen with Lisa Wysocky. St. Martin's Griffin, c2008.
Description: Presents the story of a man with Tourette syndrome and reveals how the disease has shaped his life, offering advice on how to cope with the condition.
Contents: A "playable identity" -- Out of control -- Tics are in season -- The Wonder-Bread-and-Miracle-Whip diet -- Introducing the stranger -- The invitation -- When the "thing" wins -- Testing the waters: student teaching -- Barking up the wrong trees -- Dire--ire--mire--hire -- We won't play hide-and-seek -- Going to the cutting edge -- Remembering Heather -- Reprise and surprise -- Coloring outside the lines.

Attainment's TELL ME : AAC in the preschool classroom / Carole Zangari, Lori Wise. Attainment Company, Inc., [2016]
1 manual + 1 children's book + 1 flash drive.
Description: Accompanying flash drive includes many printable files and resources need to implement TELL ME in the classroom.
TELL ME stands for Teaching Early Language and Literacy through Multimodal Expression.
A classroom-wide approach for preschool children starting to use augmentative and alternative communication with core vocabulary.